Talking Simpsons – The Way We Was


The Simpsons begin a flashback tradition as Marge and Homer tell their kids about how them fell in love. Take a trip back to 1974 (in 1991) for another landmark episode…


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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – The Way We Was

  1. Watcubg this again as an adult who went through senior year and the whole prom thing was an interesting experience. Maybe I can relate to Homer more now? Plus I really did not remember Patty & Selma’s line about Marge’s dates becoming more homely “because she doesn’t put out.” Damn, that’s kinda harsh for a cartoon from the ’90s.

  2. Hey Guys,
    I’m really enjoying Talking Simpsons and the revisiting of classic Simpsons episodes! One point of clarification for this episode – Marge knew where Homer was because in the scene right before she goes to pick him up, she saw him walking alone on the road and Artie drove past him when Artie took her home. Keep up the great work guys!

    1. Came here to ask for an RSS feed, but Retro Game Dave beat me to the punch and now we must battle for glory. In a fight with no winners, WHO. WILL. WIN?

  3. Thanks for covering this episode and touching on the idea that this was one of the first tastes of 1970’s nostalgia. Having watched the early seasons of The Simpsons with my folks as the episodes were originally broadcast, I forgot how important this episode was in in the formation of my own conceptions of my parents as younger people. They were both born in 1955 — basically making them Homer and Marge’s age — and I remember them remarking during and after this episode about how “right” the episode captured their own teenage years. So, for me as a then-10-year-old, this episode is important to me because it demystified and humanized my own parents’ lives in a way their stories alone could not.
    PS – It was definitely assumed by my folks that Homer and Barney were stoners.

  4. Just discovered your Podcast. It’s great and I enjoy and laugh like crazy with yourcomments and excerpts of the show. Keep the excellent work

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