Check out all 29 Simpsons-turned-1980s characters from 2016’s first couch gag!


The first Simpsons couch gag of 2016 casts Homer as a 1980s detective with a realistic art style, and there are dozens of characters along for the ride! Check out this listing of all 29 cameos!

You know we’re big Simpsons fans here at Laser Time; heck we have a podcast dedicated to the topic (check out Talking Simpsons, BTW). We’ve covered plenty of Simpsons couch gags over the last few years as Our Favorite Family has incorporated increasingly experimental intros, including guest-drawn couch gags from animation icons like Don Hertzfeldt, John Kricfalusi, and Justin Roiland. For the first 2016 couch gag, The Simpsons went in an entirely different direction, parodying 1980s action shows (like Miami Vice). In it, Homer and his couch team up as buddy cops to fight crime lord Ned Flanders and… you know what, just watch the insanity unfold below:

Beyond the fact that it includes a sentient couch with the ability to reach turbo speeds and a giant cell phone that also serves as a rocket launcher, there are so many other cool background elements and “blink and you’ll miss it” cameos (this is The Simpsons, after all).

Though honestly, what's cooler than this phone?
Though honestly, what’s cooler than this phone?

While the couch gag is definitely worth a rewatch, many of the cameos are so rapid-fire that you might miss it. To help you out, we’ve compiled every single appearance from a Simpsons character in this 1980s homage. Here we go, in chronological order!

1-3: Homer, Smithers, and Pricipal Skinner
Before we meet the big bad, here’s Homer (as Joe ‘Kaz’ Kazinsky) shooting out some low-level thugs. While this one is debatable, the thug on the right shares Smithers’ color scheme, while the one on the left matches Skinner’s duds. (Skinner discovery by SkipperDan)

4: Flanders
In his biggest turn to evil since his stint as the Devil, Ned Flanders plays the role of drug czar Fernando Whitmore.

5-11: Patty, Selma, Moe, Snake, Sideshow Bob, Barney, and Mr. Burns
Here’s a big one, as most of Springfield’s notable adults party it up at Moe’s nightclub, including a Doc Brown-influenced Mr. Burns, which makes sense since nuclear energy can likely power 1.21 jigawatts. Slight points deduction for making Marty a nondescript character instead of Smithers.

12-14: Dr. Hibbert, Comic Book Guy, and Krusty
Krusty imbibes alcohol and pills like an 80s character, and Comic Book Guy’s ponytail fits perfectly on a action movie thug, so this checks out. Not quite sure why Hibbert his here… probably to laugh at his enemies. (Hibbert discovery by GrizzlyWillis)

15-16: Bart and Lisa
The Simpson kids as BMX bandits are a nice touch. Plus they get to hang out with dad!

17-19: Chief Wiggum, Rod Flanders, and Todd Flanders
Of course, Springfield’s lawman would make an appearance, but check out the photo of inmate Flanders’ kids!

20: Max Power
It’s the name you want to touch! But you mustn’t touch it!

21-26: Apu, Hans Moleman, Nick Riviera, Groundskeeper Willie, Kent Brockman, and Marge
Another shotgun blast of cameos, alongside an explanation for the lack of tans in this Miami neighborhood. (Kent Brockman discovery by Indy)

27: Fat Tony
Springfield’s top mafioso is relegated to supporting thug status here as he’s smacked up by Chaise Long.

28: Carl
Before eradicating all Miami crime, Homer and his couch take out two more thugs, including Carl here (check out the color scheme of this crony’s clothese in comparison to Carl’s duds).

29: Lenny
No! Not Lenny!


Are there any cameos we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

19 thoughts on “Check out all 29 Simpsons-turned-1980s characters from 2016’s first couch gag!

  1. In the first freeze frame, I think that’s Principal Skinner with Smithers shooting at Homer. … Also, the kid dressed up like Marty might be an older version of Nelson, given his haircut and vest look.

  2. Adding on to that, the other mobster in the scene with with Comic Book Guy looks like Dr. Hibbert? Hard to tell.

  3. “Testicles, Intestines, and Hooves on a Bap” What a disgusting menu item. I don’t even know what a “Bap” is but it sounds awful.

    1. Hi mate, ‘bap’ is an very English term for bread roll or bun. Baps can also refer to a ladies shirt potatoes.

      Marge actually looks quite hot redrawn like that. I thought it was great why not take some risks. If it was made as an episode, I’d be all over it.

  4. I’m happy I’m not the only one who remembers the exquisite piece of Aussie garbage known as BMX Bandits.

  5. That’s the song from Scarface where Tony becomes all powerful. I like the whole Kung-Fury style slow motion punching and shooting as well! Great post Dave-a-Rino!

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