Talking Simpsons – Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment


At the same time as Homer finds a way to get cable for free (aka stealing), Lisa learns all about damnation, leading to a battle of wills. Also, TROY MCCLURE is here! You may remember him…


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7 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – Homer vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment

  1. Sunday school and stealing cable … this episode relates to me way too much for a 20-year-old filthy millennial.

  2. Gotta love how Phil Hartman is not only Troy McClure in this episode, but also a bunch of minor characters.
    Also Burns in this episode not having cable is kind of ridiculous but I think that makes it funnier.

    1. Its also the one time Mr. Burns wants to be with the common man. But I guess that’s what connects us all as humans bloodlust.

  3. Henry telling that Amy Schumer story reminds me of another anecdote of my cousin’s 7 year old son at the time. So we were helping her set up for a party at her place and she comes out and says “You’ll never guess what my son said “John’s penis (or what ever word he used as this is hearsay) looks weird.” and so she asked who’s John and it was a kid from his class. He also asked to see mine but as a responsible non creep I knew better. Kids are naturally curious but dumb so Lisa didn’t have perspective. Yes its annoying but sometimes you got to humor children.

  4. I love this podcast so much, but my only criticism is how focused/upset you guys seem to be about anything being dated (in this episode cable tv, in other episodes the 70s, or other then-current stuff). Why is that a bad thing? These things don’t need to stay evergreen, it seems weird to hold them to that…

  5. I gotta mention that actually, the Braves started their dominance right in 1991. They lost the World Series that year to the Twins in 7 games!

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