Cape Crisis #171 – Swamp Thing And Secret Wars


Hank, Chris, Brett, and Dave head to the murky depths of the south to discover Swamp Thing’s history, as well as analyze the finale of Secret Wars, as well as what listeners are looking forward to in 2016…


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Cape Crisis #171 Question: What’s your favorite anniversary issue?

7 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #171 – Swamp Thing And Secret Wars

  1. One of my favorite anniversary covers is X-men vol.2 #25. The one where Magneto is ripping the adamantium from Wolverine. The art and the depictiction of pain on Logan’s face was haunting

  2. Wasn’t there someone who has theorized that the 616 universe was Moore’s way of putting his dark stamp on it because it’s the alternate numerical listing for the mark of the beast? Was that you guys who said that or Wikipedia?

  3. Part of me is annoyed that I’m 27 minutes in and you’re still talking about Swamp Thing, but another part of me realizes this is the longest you’ve ever talked about Not-Marvel

  4. Why in the hell is She-Hulk on the side of arresting people pre-crime?

    This makes zero sense. Jennifer Walters knows damn well “some dude had a vision” does not constitute probable cause.

  5. I am worried about Civil War 2. The problem with the first one, as well as most “VS” books, is that character act preposterously out of character to fit the narrative of the conflict. Even the books apparent goal of fixing Tony Stark underlines how bizarre these characters are acting.

    Heroes don’t immediately resort to fist fighting as soon as things do not go their way, villains do that (or poorly written heroes/characters) .

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