Laser Time – David Bowie, Alan Rickman Tribute


We lost two pop culture legends too soon, so we’re taking a look back at their unforgettable contributions to humanity. Don’t worry, there’s wiener jokes in here too…


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10 thoughts on “Laser Time – David Bowie, Alan Rickman Tribute

  1. That was a hell of a week. Even as a youngish person, they both had a big enough impact on me as a media consumer (Bowie through his music, Rickman mainly through Die Hard and Dogma). They will be missed.

  2. i have no real love for Rickman outside of Grubsr but as a 70s rock fan it was a rough 15 between Bowie and Lemmy. Also did youse guys know Bowie was in a relationship with Slash’s mom in the 70s? Hella weird they even remained friends once Slash got famous.

  3. I’m in that age range where Alan Rickman was Snape. So when Rickman died, a lot of my FB friends shared quotes from Snape. The one that got to me the most was “Death comes for us all in the end”. This also justifies my fear of mortality and what’s on the other side. I’ve kinda said what i’ve had to say about Bowie in the Bonus Time question but still such a huge loss. Hearing that he was supposed to make a Cameo in Guardians 2 and collaborate with the Gorillaz makes me even sadder. RIP Rickman and Bowie. You’re both gone from this earth but both of your inputs to Film and Music will live on.

  4. Before the Christmas that just went, my ladyfriend loved Alan Rickman but knew him the most as Snape. Die Hard however is a Christmas tradition for me (screw anyone who says it is not a Christmas movie) and I said if you love Alan Rickman then it is criminal to have not seen Die Hard by now. Glad she saw it for the first time without all of this hanging over it.

  5. I find it odd that I was just starting to take serious notice of Bowie as an artist, especially since his influence is all over Metal Gear Solid 5. As for Rickman, always loved his movies but all these kids going on about Snape is making me feel old…

  6. Cancer is really making a case for being the “thing” of the year for 2016….
    A very good tribute for these guys. I honestly forgot completely about Dogma, despite it being on Comedy Central every day 2005 to 2010.

  7. Turns out Kevin Smith was a really good friend of Alan Rickman’s and gave a very moving tribute to him on this weeks Hollywood Babble On. Smith is clearly devastated, making it a tough thing to listen to, but worth it.

    And as bad a week as it was for fans of Bowie and Rickman – no celebrity had a worse week than Celine Dion, who lost her husband and brother within days of each other, both to cancer.

    1. He also spent the main Smodcast podcast talking about Grizzly Adams, Bowie and Rickman as well. Sometimes the weed makes Kevin Smith overly emotion so he cries for every super hero movie he talks about but this one was truly emotional as well. The part where he talks about his regret that he never had Rickman on for an interview on Smodcast for posterity because he thought he had more time was really moving.

  8. Hey! I’m 98% sure Chris Antista inadvertently got me into David Bowie! In one of the later episodes of Talk Radar, I can remember Chris going on a long about how David Bowie’s “Changes” was terrible. I had heard the song before, but never thought much of it until Chris brought it up. Being the curious millennial, I most likely searched “David Bowie” and got sucked into the ol’ YouTube rabbit hole, cuz that’s what we do in the internet age! It must’ve been around… 5 years?! What a suprise!

    Anyways, thank you Chris. Thank you David Bowie.

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