Pee-wee’s Netflix Movie Gets a Teaser Trailer and March 18 Premiere!


After a 28-year wait, we’re finally getting a new Pee Wee Herman movie in under two months. Check out the Rube Goldberg-ian trailer for Pee-wee’s Big Holiday!

A third Pee-Wee Herman movie always seemed like one of Hollywood’s biggest pipe dreams. A follow-up to the sublime Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and the disappointing Big Top Pee-wee just wasn’t feasible during the big-budget 90s and 2000s. Fortunately, Netflix has been a bastion to cast-off comedies, and after resurrecting the likes of Arrested Development and Wet Hot American Summer, we’ll be getting the third Pee-wee movie in 31 years in the form of Pee-wee Big Holiday. In addition to revealing the March 18 premiere date, we also got the first teaser trailer, which you can watch below:

Neat, huh? Pee-wee’s house looks just as fun as ever and the man-child himself remains extremely endearing. I’m not a fan of the comedy font peppered throughout the trailer, and a Pee-wee film without Danny Elfman music is a bit of a sacrilege, but the comedy is still top-notch. And we’re experts on Pee-wee humor here at Laser Time, as we ranked every one of Pee-wee Herman’s friends from his first movie and did a commentary for that classic as one of our weekly Monday Night Movies, available exclusively to our Patreon supporters!

6 thoughts on “Pee-wee’s Netflix Movie Gets a Teaser Trailer and March 18 Premiere!

  1. God how I love this. From the fact Pee Wee has his whole house automated like that cool opening, to the blatantly cheesy green screen effect on Pee Wee coming to the roof, to a National Geographic reference and finally the point and click camera Pee Wee has its brilliant.

  2. hm… hard to tell what this is about based on the teaser. I’m very interested in a new peewee movie but I’ll say part of what drew me into PWBA was the craziness of Tim Burton and the writing on it. I’m scared that they’ll spend too much time trying to recapture that lightening in a bottle instead of using it as a platform to move forward with that particular version of Pee Wee’s adventures. I don’t want to come off as a negative nelly, I’m just really worried. it’s made already so all I guess we can do is face our fears and watch the new Pee Wee movie. I hope it’s good. I really do. Paul is so funny.

    1. Well the other Pee Wee movie was rather mediocre but after waiting this long if Paul Reubens doesn’t have good material or a good reason to make the movie I hope he wouldn’t have done it.

      1. very true. I would like to think he had been working and reworking stuff all this time. He’s so funny outside of pee wee…
        I’m just so scaaaaaaared haha

  3. I hope it still retains the grounded feel of the first film, not “Peewees a crazy guy and doesn’t understand anything about the real world.”

  4. Quite excited for this. I both love Big Adventure and loathe Big Top. Here’s to hoping this is more like the former.

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