Suicide Squad’s New Trailer Is A Lot Of Fun (Plus Wonder Woman Footage!)


Could 2016 be DC’s year to explode at the movies? These new trailers are off to a good start…

We haven’t seen much of Suicide Squad since the moody Comic-Con trailer leaked last summer. It showed promise, but now with the August release of the film a little closer, audience need a little more information other than “The Joker and weirdos and Will Smith.” This new, much more comedic trailer seems to set the tone much better, with jokes, some grizzly violence, an explanation of most of the characters, and even some really promising new shots of Jared Leto as Mr. J. Take a look…

This is the first full trailer of Suicide Squad, meaning the teases are over. We get to meet most of the team, explain the mission they’re on, and see who they’re facing. Plus, it’s all set to Queen, the greatest rock band ever. But, despite starring Will Smith, one of the most bankable movie icons of the last 20 years, as well as a ton of classic DC bad guys, they aren’t what really draws the eye in this trailer. The main draws are Margot Robbie’s eye-catching Harley Quinn…


And the “I can’t believe it’s growing on me” charm of Leto’s tattooed Joker. Seriously, I thought I was supposed to roll my eyes at this guy…


Not only that, but I also love the visual of what seems to be Harley’s “baptism” of sorts by The Joker…


All told, this definitely has a similar M-rated video game vibe as Snyder’s Man of Steel, but it’s having a lot more fun with it. Perhaps it’s just more fun to watch bad guys try to be good in a grim and gritty film than to see Superman have to stoop to grimacing an entire film. These guys are supposed to be killers, so let’s just watch them kill bad folks.

One other clip on YouTube has also given me renewed faith in DC making some good movies in their new universe (in spite of Zack Snyder). Check out Geoff Johns discuss the Wonder Woman film with Kevin Smith…

Nice, right? Sure, it’s filled with boring platitudes about feminism that I hardly expect to be given any real depth in the film, but this vision of Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince is nice, both in her film, and her appearances in Batman V. Superman. I especially liked the all too brief shots of the 2017 film, mainly because (like Suicide Squad) it’s refreshing to see glimpses of DC’s film world that isn’t through the eyes of Snyder.

What do all of you think of this new glimpse of DC’s next movies? Tell us all about it, because we’ll likely discuss it on an upcoming podcast!

24 thoughts on “Suicide Squad’s New Trailer Is A Lot Of Fun (Plus Wonder Woman Footage!)

  1. I’m remarkably down with that Suicide Squad trailer. There’s a playfulness that Man of Steel never had; it’s dark, but everyone’s trying to grin and bear it, and David Ayer seems to get that “edgy” doesn’t mean colorless.

  2. It seems like they’re trying to market Suicide Squad as “DC’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but Darker”. It will be interesting it to compare it to Deadpool once both are out. Deadpool, based on the trailers, seems to be a more lighthearted mature comic film compared to Suicide Squad. Yet Deadpool is getting an R rating, and Suicide Squad is aiming for PG-13. It would be pretty silly if Suicide Squad is more violent/darker than Deadpool, but avoids an R simply due to a lack of sexual content.

  3. I don’t want to sound like I hate DC, but neither of these movies particularly interest me. But I will give credit to Suicide Squad, that movie is oozing a distinct style all its own.

    Then again, my problem just may be that I prefer the animated Harley and I’m just not seeing that here.

  4. Wonder Woman is possibly shaping up to be a better version of the first Thor. It’s absolutely a great story choice to place the movie in the first world war. WW2 is pretty easy to phrase as good guys vs bad, but the first world war was an absolute clusterfuck. Diana seeing humanity at its absolute worst, killing millions of people for a couple feet of dirt in a meaningless war, and still accepting the world of man means a lot more than seeing a bunch of guys punching nazis and being okay with that.

    1. I agree… but that footage did NOT look like World War 1.

      No matter what though, I’m massively excited by it. Captain America: The First Avenger was merely “okay” and Agent Carter isn’t really about superheroes, so I’m down for more period-set comic book movies.

  5. GuncannonD is right on the money. This is a grimdark Guardians trailer. But very little actual levity. “That’s not what they really said,” is a decent joke; but they’ll need to do better than that to justify all the eyeshadow. Not that you can’t make a good movie out of Korn album art, just that this movie seems to lack the self-awareness such a task would require.

    Deadpool’s source material sets the self-awareness bar pretty high. If Ryan Reynolds doesn’t outright say “I’m a composite of other popular characters, what’s not to love?” then they missed the mark.

  6. I do not know why I do not like the Suicide Squad trailer more. It seems fine, but it does not grab me for some reason. I will still see the movie, but there is still something about the look of the Joker I do not like. Maybe that is it.

    Wonder Woman looks good though.

  7. Suicide Squad has real promise, much more than BvS and others. Namely the director has proven he can direct gritty action.

    As for Wonder Woman, my biggest worry is that they’re going to try too hard to make it feminist where it becomes eye rollingly obvious for all audiences as opposed to Fury Road that did it organically. And like with BvS I want to be proven wrong since I love DCs line up of iconic heroes.

  8. The Suicide Squad trailer managed to capture the playfulness of the crew, but it lacked any serious or surprising moments that highlighted the seriousness of the danger. I think they should have added a better clip of Joker, one that had impact.

    1. Batman V Superman Trailer Comments: “Why the hell did they show Doomsday?!”
      Suicide Squad Trailer Comment: “Didn’t show the threat enough, and not enough of the Joker”.

  9. Holy crap, the sound editing on the Suicide Squad trailer was ON POINT. Warner better keep the editor around because he or she has great skills to offer.

    And I like how Kevin Smith gives the “Oh, I know. You don’t have to tell me” face while the Wonder Woman story is explained to him.

  10. My gut reaction to hearing Queen in anything is “WHY ARE YOU USING A SONG BY MY FAVORITE BAND?”, but once I got over that, I gotta admit, Suicide Squad looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Robie looks like she’ll be great as Harley, and Leto’s Joker, tattoos aside, looks wonderful as well.

  11. okay sure, I would go see that. It’s like guardians of the galaxy with DC characters but villains. Like real villains, not just people who some high authority deams antisocial. These are proper DC baddies. I’m fine with that Joker. he seems fine. But I hadn’t been following much of any of this and had no idea they had even been filming the Wonder Woman movie. Is it set during WW2? that seems cool.

  12. I’ve been looking forward to Suicide Squad more than Batman V Superman for awhile now, this just seals the deal for me. The movie looks like a ton of fun so I’m really looking forward to it.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about the Joker, I feel like he’s going for the animated series Joker more than any of the film variants. But at this point I’m willing to role with it. I’ll hold any further judgement until I see it.

  13. Heck yes, I’m all over this! I will totally pay $8 to hang out with this movie. True, they are taking obvious marketing cues from Guardians of the Galaxy, but you’d be a fool not to if you were making this movie. Star Trek Beyond knew they were leaving space-money on the table by not emulating Guardians, so if channeling a team of grungy unknown superheroes into a zany heist romp worked so well for Rocket and Groot, why not for Deadshot and Boomerang in Suicide Squad?

    I’m a little bummed it isn’t rated R, considering David Ayer did filth so well in his other movies, namely Training Day, Sabotage, Fury, and End of Watch. Nevertheless, it appears different enough from the Marvel house-style that it deserves a chance. It feels dirtier than what the MCU has been doing. But, hey, maybe it goes too far? Maybe it takes itself too seriously? Maybe it’s too “grim-dark,” as the kids say. I think it has good talent, a unique, deliberate aesthetic, and really nothing to lose, considering the DC Universe is REALLY banking harder on Batman, Batman, and Batman, to float their new movie landscape.

    And as much of a Snyder apologist / defender as I am, I’m glad somebody else got to birth the Joker into this world.

  14. I think the difference between this and Snyder’s material, is that Snyder is convinced that his ‘gritty’ take equals dramatic and serious, when it’s actually so far over the top that it laps itself and becomes silly. I don’t get a ‘grim’ tone from this trailer, more like a very black comedy.

    David Ayer is a far more interesting director at this point. I’m skipping Batman V Superman, but I’ll be seeing this.

  15. I’m not super familiar with the Suicide Squad comics, and my only real exposer to Deadshot is via the Arkham games but I got to ask: Does Deadshot have a daughter in this film? I thought I read somewhere he does. Is that in the comic, or is it some kind of addition to make Will Smith’s character less bad guy and more “I’m doing what I got to do, you’d do the same”?

    Also I’m okay with this glimpse of Margot Robbie as Harley. At first I was on board because she’s hot and blond and it was easy enough to picture. Then I saw the costume and I was “oookkkkaaaay, I guess.” Now I’m a firm “al right then”. It was the blowing-her-hair-out-of-her-face bit that did it for me.

  16. Captain Boomerang sneaking a beer behind a car has sold me on this movie. This is such a small thing but I thought it was really funny.

  17. Man of Steel was fantastic and everything DC has shown so far has looked insanely promising. I wonder how hard it was for Henry Marvel Gilbert to write this? I love how he couldn’t just praise how good of a job DC is doing, he had to throw in some jabs to protect his precious MCU. Shit like this is why Cape Crisis is unlistenable and I cringe every time Henereyg is on any Lasertime podcast.

  18. So this is what happens when David Ayer is given the opportunity to make a big-budget, superhero film. Looks very fun, crazy, and unique. Everyone looks great in this trailer, even Jai Courtney.

    With the Suicide Squad trailer and DC Film special yesterday, I’m feeling the joy that Marvel fan experienced back in 2008 and 2012 with the release of Iron Man and The Avengers. The release of Batman v Superman (so close now) and Suicide Squad later this year is making this DC fan very happy and excited. And then next year, Wonder Women and Justice League: Part 1. Sweet.

  19. I’ll be honest, I was ready to hate the new Suicide Squad trailer but as soon as I heard “Is this the Real Life” sung in Freddie Mercury’s epic voice. I was hooked. Praying that Harley has more substance and show off her smart side and not just being a walking sex toy. Also Jai Courtney seems to be the Batista of the film. A guy not known for being a good actor,steals the film with great acting and funny one liners. Sure this steals a lot from Guardians of the Galaxy but if you’re gonna steal from an MCU film, Might as well steal from the best one.

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