The 8 Best and Worst Xbox Covers

This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of the original Xbox: Microsoft’s first entry into the video game console market launched on November, 2001. The Xbox, which is Spanish for “the Xbox,” was a wild card. Sony’s Playstation 2 was a… Read more

By LaserTimeContributor | 4

Vidjagame Apocalypse 147 – An Inside Blob

For decades, character designers have kept a hidden ace up their sleeve, one so powerful that they probably feel like hacks for using it, and so rarely do: if you put a cute face on a vaguely rounded shape, the… Read more

By Wikiparaz | 11

Cheap Popcast #68 – Royal Rumble Predictions & Rookie Hazing

Dave, Hank, and Brett predict what they think will happen at this year’s Royal Rumble, discuss their favorite memories from past Rumbles, and analyze the recent instances of rookies getting punished and the actions that incurred locker room wrath.

By DaverTime | 23