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The presence of NSYNC and Backstreet in video games may not be quite as extensive as the other categories, but there certainly are a few gems we can examine.

In yet another example of the careers of these two bands overlapping, both NSYNC and The Backstreet Boys were the focus of games in the Puzzles in Motion series. You haven’t heard of that series, you say? Well, it’s pretty much a digital jigsaw puzzle with FMVs instead of static images. Players can sort through, rotate, and place various puzzle pieces to construct a music video from their favorite boy band.

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Puzzles in Motion may not be the most engaging video game property, but uninformed fans of pop were hungry for just about anything that had their favorite group plastered on it. I’m sure many thousands of fans in the year 2000 joyfully consumed these cheap, soulless cash-ins without a second thought.

So did these guys get any real games? Yes, NSYNC also starred in a Game Boy Color title called NSYNC: Get to the Show.

The story is as follows: Justin Timberlake names you NSYNC’s undisputed “number one fan,” which obviously gives you the distinct responsibility of driving the band’s “state of the art” limousine. Obviously.

The game itself very much resembles the Atari arcade classic APB, and considering it was developed by Atari’s parent company Infogrames, perhaps it really was an official translation of APB. Players must direct the limo to various locations within the linear game world, based entirely on the fickle whims of Timberlake and the gang.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the collectible letters that spell out “NSYNC” and cutscenes that feature pixel-art representations of the band members, Get to the Show could pass for just about any vehicle-based Game Boy game. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Backstreet Boys: Get to the Show was stealthily released the same year and internet documentation is just too scarce to remember it.

But until that revelation comes, the only other video game to feature either of these two legendary pop groups was the 2014 re-release of Grand Theft Auto V. The Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions added about 25 new songs to the Non-Stop Pop FM radio station, including “I Want It That Way” by The Backstreet Boys. The song seems like a no-brainer for GTA V’s already massive and eclectic soundtrack, so it’s good that fans can finally cruise around Los Santos to one of Backstreet’s biggest hits. I suppose players can now even realize Backstreet Boys: Get to the Show if they really want to. Dreams do come true.

So now we need to crown a winner. Sure, NSYNC actually appeared as themselves in more video games than the boys of backstreet, but the latter group can be heard in an unarguably good game with Grand Theft Auto. The Backstreet Boys are the winners here.

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