The Backstreet Boys vs NSYNC vs Pop Culture

Let’s compare these relatively recent appearances to that of The Backstreet Boys. Their song “I Want It That Way” opens 2014’s Let’s Be Cops, when Jake Johnson’s characters belts it out during a night of karaoke.

Additionally — in what many people consider the best scene in the movie — Joe Manganiello does a dance routine to the same song for a convenient store clerk in Magic Mike XXL.

Contrasting with the unfavorable depictions of NSYNC’s music in films, Backstreet Boys tunes are always met with excitement, joy, reverence, and unapologetic glee. As the years progressed and society evolved, the cultural perceptions of these two bands have come to a conclusion, and contemporary films are representative of these views.

Movies today (perhaps as an indicator of general impressions in society) have grown dismissive of NSYNC, but show nothing but respect for The Backstreet Boys. Despite the early success of NSYNC in some very noteworthy and acclaimed films, time has concluded in favor of the Boys. For this reason, The Backstreet Boys win the film category — and, arguably, all of pop culture.

In view of this cinematic victory, I leave you with perhaps The Backstreet Boys’ greatest appearance in any film. Ladies and Gentlemen, Backstreet’s back:

Article by contributor RODTheMaster.

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