VIDEO INCLUDED – Watch Laser Time’s Royal Rumble Commentary!


Earlier in the week, we gave our Patreon community an easy-to-watch commentary for one of our favorite-ever Royal Rumbles. Ahead of this weekend’s Rumble, watch Royal Rumble 2005 with the Laser Time gang!

In case you didn’t know, part of the bounty of exclusive content offered on the Laser Time Patreon includes classic wrestling commentaries that can be synced with the WWE Network. We’ve had great feedback from those, but since many versions of the Network don’t include on-demand video, we understand that it’s much more difficult for some. That’s why we went all out for our latest (and biggest) commentary ever and synced the video for you. Now normally we keep these exclusive to our Patreon pals, but we’re making an exception ahead of this weekend’s Royal Rumble. So, without further ado, here’s our commentary for Royal Rumble 2005!

Just enter the password “buckbumble” (without the quotes) and you’re set!

Looking for even more Rumble-focused fun? Check out the latest Cheap Popcast focused on Royal Rumble 2016, or our recent stream of WWE 2K16 with a Royal Rumble match featuring the wackiest created characters we could find, embedded below! We’ve also got tons of other wrestling match commentaries (including last year’s Lesnar-Cena-Rollins match) exclusively on our Patreon page.

6 thoughts on “VIDEO INCLUDED – Watch Laser Time’s Royal Rumble Commentary!

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  2. Guy Fieri the wrestler was taken to Flavor Town General Hospital where they’re serving up contusion treatment with a kick!

  3. This was so great. I am only a $5 patron, and can’t really afford more at this point, but I would totally try if you guys did more Rumbles. I would definitely pay for a separate Royal Rumble commentary pack like your old movie packs. Commentaries on random matches are fine, but the Rumble is so interesting as it lets you see just where the company was at that time and what kind of idiotic story lines and characters they had going on. It especially works because you have Dave and Hank explaining to Chris and Brett just who the heck some of the random jobbers are and what some of the backstage motivation was behind not just the match but the characters as a whole for that era of WWE. Loved it.

  4. Benoit was my favorite wrestler also. One of my first match ever was Royal Rumble 2004 and became his fan from there.

  5. This is awesome. I dont have the network and I’m lazy so this makes it so I will actually watch the commentary

  6. You guys should do it this way every time. Just give out the password to the patrons. I give ten but I’m just too lazy to synch it up.

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