The Best New Amazon Releases: LEGO Avengers Get Goosebumps


Games are finally coming out again, so the Amazon new releases makes a triumphant return!

Happy new year! Sorry that took three whole weeks to say, but we gotta be honest – Amazon new releases were in a post-holidays coma and there was so very little new stuff. In fact, there were virtually no retail released games up until last Friday! However, the industry is picking up steam once more, and so must we by reactivating the Amazon article! We’ve got super heroes, old horror books, Lara Croft exploring the PC, and much more. If you’re interested in any of it, buy it through our links here and it supports Laser Time at no extra cost to you. Ok, enough preamble, let’s get this train moving once more…

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers
LEGO games are great, and you all know how much I enjoy the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so who wouldn’t love a LEGO action-adventure game that retells most of the MCU films in toyetic fashion? Not only will it feature all the film characters, but Marvel Comics originals like Kamala Kahn, America Chavez, Wiccan, and others will appear in the game. However, when compared to the roster of the last LEGO Marvel game, it seems lacking. It hasn’t been confirmed, but I wouldn’t expect anyone related to the X-Men or Fantastic Four if I were you.

Final Fantasy Explorers
This is a Final Fantasy spin-off, so gauge your interest accordingly. Early reviews have been nice, but this action-RPG has a multiplayer focus, which sounds like another in the horde of Japanese games after that Monster Hunter dollar. If you’re into hunting games as well as the beasts and weapons of the FF series, then that has to be amazing news, and you should party up with 3 friends immediately. But if you’re looking for something a little more retro, you should wait till April for Bravely Second.

Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC Release)
Based on early sales reports, making Tomb Raider a holiday exclusive for the Xbox One didn’t do it any favors. Hell, it was down to $40 by the start of December, seemingly showing this game didn’t convince a ton of folks to grab an Xbox One. If you were waiting on Croft’s newest adventure to go multiplatform, it’s finally happening for PC players this week. Snap it up now if you’re dying to explore without an Xbox One, because Rise of the Tomb Raider apparently won’t be heading to PS4 for months and months.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam
This was out last Friday, but hell, may as well mention it now. Mario RPGs have always been a favorite pastime of mine, and this one finally brings together the two biggest Mushroom Kingdom role-players. Yes, Paper Mario teams up with the team of goofball brothers to save the Princess all over again, this time with the help of Papercraft! The reviews for this have been pretty positive, and this is absolutely the crossover I’ve been waiting a decade for, so I’m on board!

When I was reading Goosebumps as a wee lad (ok, fine, I was 13), I never dreamed it would take until 2015 for there to be a film. Even less likely was that it’d be about R.L. Stine and all the books coming to life, and that it’d star that stoner musician from Tenacious D. Time’s a funny thing, huh? Anywho, kids today got reintroduced to Goosebumps all over again with this Jack Black film, and it did pretty alright at the box office. If you’ve got kids in need of spooky, PG distraction, you could do much, much worse.

Downton Abbey Season 6
If you’ve been waiting for physical releases to keep up with the Downton crew, the USA finally has a copy. The highly British production surely has a lot of withering stares and humphing about, but this time it’s personal… Look, I dunno much about the show beyond Laura Linney’s terrible intros, but I DO know that this is the final season of the English drama, so if you’ve been waiting to see how it all turns out for these Anglo-Saxon stars, here’s all of it on Blu-ray.

The Assassin
I haven’t seen a great foreign-language action film in some time, and I think this might finally be the movie that’ll get my ass in gear to watch one again. This Taiwanese production was on so many best of 2015 lists, even if the Oscars ignored it. See what the Academy is missing out on by checking out this reportedly gorgeous and powerful film. I know I will.

Spike Lee is one of those filmmakers who exploded on the scene with one of his earliest films (Do The Right Thing), and has only grown stranger and more controversial in the decades since. His newest film not only deals with the gang violence in Chicago, but also is a recreation of a classic Greek satire. And reviews are pretty mixed on it, though I’m always ready to give Lee another chance as a filmmaker. It can’t be weirder than Bamboozled or She Hate Me, right?


Miyazaki fans should not miss this sale!

The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki is the most celebrated animator of the last 50 years, and for good reason. Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke are some of the most fully realized worlds ever shown in theaters, capturing the hearts of people from just about every age and part of the planet. Now that he’s retired, Amazon has an exquisite looking special collection of every feature length film Miyazaki directed all in one box set. Plus, there are some fantastic bonuses as well that will likely justify the price. Currently it’s less than $180, which is a fucking STEAL. If you love animation, BUY THIS.












Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
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Tom Clancy’s The Division
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Tom Clancy’s The Division
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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
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Mighty No. 9
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Kingdom Hearts III
Star Fox ZeroMario & Luigi: Paper Jam
Gravity Rush Remastered
Overwatch – Origins Edition
Dark Souls III

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