Cape Crisis #173 – Deadpool Vs. Podcasts


Hank, Chris, and Dave join together to discuss the history of the second most popular member of the Weapon X Program, plus we talk DC Rebirth, Dead No More, Squirrel Girl’s awesomeness, and your replies to the question of the week…


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Cape Crisis #173 Question: Is there an artist you once loved but now have turned on?

5 thoughts on “Cape Crisis #173 – Deadpool Vs. Podcasts

  1. So much deadpool lately Deadpool, deadpool koblish variants, deadpool and spiderman, deadpool uncanny/groovy/meaty/origins/cover varients/wedding of/detective, deadpool and cable, plus hes in uncanny avengers …jeez anybody would think he had a movie coming out.
    if as many people who buy the comics go see the film, it wont bomb

  2. Hi Hank,
    Sorry to have to be that guy but Christopher Priest, author of the Prestige is not the same Christopher Priest that wrote for Marvel Comics.

  3. I agree with Dave: Netflix killed Cable.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Deadpool movie. I’m not much of a comic reader since I was but a young lad, and Deadpool was not one of the characters that I am familiar with but the trailers look good to me.

  4. A co-worker went to an early screening of Deadpool today. I won’t say much because I want to avoid spoilers for everyone, but according to him, the movie’s solid. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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