Learn All About The Dark Knight Tie-In Game That Never Happened


Before we ever took a trip to Arkham, EA hoped to recreate the Dark Knight. A new video explains the debacle…

These days, unless it stars LEGO versions of characters, big budget movie tie-ins are pretty much dead. Thanks to a change in the gaming market and high price in development, games based on films rarely happen, and a planned game based on The Dark Knight was one of the first casualties. I’d heard rumors about what happened to the Christopher Nolan-inspired game over the years, but now the historians at Unseen64 have laid out the entire history of the production, along with what small amount of test footage is available to the public.

Man, now I really feel bad for Pandemic all over again. The company already had the rep of being mishandled after being bought by EA, but now it seems even worse. Them overestimating the power of the tech behind the not-so-great Saboteur killed Dark Knight, as did the inflexible release date of a movie tie-in. Funny that Gary Oldman can get away with breaking an NDA that’d kill the careers of non-famous developers. Ironically, just a year later the promise of an open-world Bat-game came true just a year later with the success of the first Arkham game.

Then again, it might have been all for the best that another crummy Batman game starring Christian Bale never saw the light of day. EA’s Batman Begins game was pretty ass back in the day, and it hasn’t aged too well in the decade since. Just watch as we played this dark chapter in the Caped Crusader’s life.

If you thought that trailer was crappy, the game itself looks even worse…










One thought on “Learn All About The Dark Knight Tie-In Game That Never Happened

  1. Honestly I could watch one of these every week; crazy to be alive long enough to appreciate when cancelled game footage makes its way out into the mainstream light, some 8 years latter. Thanks for sharing and cant wait for others like that cancelled xbox 360 Star Wars game.

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