Finally, The Perfect Search Engine For Simpsons Fans

FrinkiacFor Simpsons obsessives, this may be the greatest website since alt.nerd.obsessive…

We’re the biggest Springfield fanatics on this side of the Mississippi, and we’re always looking for new ways to explore our obsession. In fact, we’re so into it we started the Talking Simpsons podcast, but we might have met some even bigger fans. A group of wannabe Databases created, the greatest Simpsons reference search tool ever made. Just look at the memes you can easily generate…

SimpsonsStarTrekMEME.Built by Simpsons fans who were disappointed by the Google results they found when seeking out specific lines, they screencapped and transcribed EVERY EPISODE from the first 15 years, then made it a searchable Database. In the Frinkiac engine, I simply put “Star Trek” in the search bar, picked out this nice SD screenshot, and automatically inserted the text over it. There’s no trick to it. It’s just a simple trick!


Or say that you’re in a Batman mood, like I currently am. Here’s a quick sampling of what I found under “Batman”…




And for some reason, this moment really spoke to me…


Head on over to the site yourself but try not to spend your entire workday there. And, if you’re in need of more Simpsons, beyond our podcast, how about the time we played a few crappy Simpsons games?

4 thoughts on “Finally, The Perfect Search Engine For Simpsons Fans

  1. I have only one thing to say to the people who created this: NNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!

    1. Oh now I get it, it searches the subtitles of every episode.
      So if you search “Iron Helps Us Play, Hello Joe” then you get that scene.

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