New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Demands You Choose Sides


Football games are fun and all, but the real reason they exist is to show us new trailers, like this fast and informative one for the next Marvel film…

DC Entertainment has given us so many fresh looks at Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, and the rest that we’d been waiting patiently to see what Marvel has planned for the May release of the next Captain America sequel. Well, during the Super Bowl, Marvel Studios gave us our first look at Civil War since last November. And while it’s shorter, it’s filled with a ton of new stuff…

The very fast paced trailer barely gives you a minute to breath. And while that speed might be because Super Bowl ads are crazy expense even at 15 seconds, it also helped raise the tension for a film already dedicated to super infighting. Just look at this new deadly confrontation between Tony and Bucky.


Not just that, but we get even more of an insight into each heroes motivation, making this feel more like an ensemble film than ever. If Captain America weren’t in the title, this could’ve easily been call Avengers: Civil War. We even get a great shot of Cap and Bucky ready to ambush Iron Man.


And finally we get our most explicit shot yet of the two teams facing off. You see who is on whose side, even getting our first look yet at Vision in the film. Of course, Spider-Man could be hiding just off screen, but I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer to see that.


Did this Super Bowl ad leave you hungry for more Civil War footage? Have you listened to our Civil War Primer podcast? Have any other shots? Get united together in the comments and let us know! (And if you’re looking to learn about Civil War, why not buy some of the comics in the links below?)










13 thoughts on “New Captain America: Civil War Trailer Demands You Choose Sides

  1. I just hope that the ending doesn’t rely on an even greater ‘evil’ that they both sides must come together and fight. I would prefer an ending where they realize that neither side wins in the battle they are fighting, and figure out a way to move on.

    1. Absolutely the most disappointing ending to THIS movie would be if Thanos or some such Universe nonsense shows up to make them realize they are friends (like what seems to be going on in the BvS trailers).

    2. Good call, that would be the best move. It would also be shocking because I don’t see Marvel being that ballsy (though it’s the Russo Brothers so who knows).

  2. If we’re gauging this Civil War based on the length of the Age of Ultron, will this just last a couple weeks?

  3. This is going to be one those movies where you swe less trailers, the better, i already felt the second i saw vision, Scarlett witch and ant men had a spoilery vibe to them, I’ll stick to the 2 trailer minimum that way I’ll feel excited when I see Spidey on the big screen. I also think marvel need to calm down with the hash tags there.

  4. based on the visuals I don’t understand the divide? Why are they paring off in those groups? Is this about the superhero registration act? I mean, wasn’t Black Panther against registration? I just don’t understand the Marvel cinematic universe’s approach to this. “sigh” oh well, it should still be good.

  5. I’m optimistic the Russo brothers can pull this off. Winter Soldier was my favorite MCU movie to date, so I will trust them until they prove me wrong.

  6. My only take away is how can Cap justify supporting Bucky at all because there are multiple shots of him attempting to viciously straight up murder Tony or Rhodey (along with just shooting at law enforcement). This is the same Cap who was preaching “This isn’t freedom, this is fear” in his last movie right?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the movie because it looks good and I want to see it but it is weird.

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