Batman Vs. Superman Gets Some Surprisingly Great Airline Ads


Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor welcome you to Gotham and Metropolis, respectively, in a couple clever Super Bowl ads…

No joke, Super Bowl 50 has to be the nerdiest one of all time. There was an all too brief Civil War trailer, as well as Hulk chasing Ant-Man for a soda. But that wasn’t the end of the comic book synergy, as DC’s emerging film universe had not one, but two new commercials to premiere. And instead of the usual growling we see in most Batman Vs. Superman trailers, these got subversive. Take a tour through the film’s Gotham City thanks to (of all brands) Turkish Airlines…

First off I was surprised to see Oscar winner Ben Affleck did the add as Bruce Wayne, and I appreciate the willpower it takes to not even show Batman in the trailer, outside of the film footage at the very end. Turkish Airlines instead stuck with the concept of it being a tourism guide to a beautiful, if fictional, city.

Even better was the corresponding ad for Metropolis. Not only do we get some explanation about how it’s no longer a crater, we get a healthy dose of Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor – as well as some very brief glimpses of Superman himself.

Even more clever is Turkish Airlines going to the trouble of building full on tourism guides for both Metropolis and Gotham which even call out famous comic book landmarks like Amusement Mile and the Rosemont Theater. This type of world building is really admirable, and definitely goes a long way towards filling out the rapidly growing film universe of the Justice League.

The Instanbul-based Turkish Airlines has been growing internationally in the last decade, and tying itself to heroes like Batman and Superman definitely expands its impact stateside. The only real issue is that it can’t help but unintentionally remind mega-nerds like myself of Turkish Superman – but you can’t really blame that on the airlines.

Illegal sequels aside, what do you all think of these ads? Were you hoping for another bombastic trailer in their place, or do you appreciate these lowkey creations? Tell us in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Batman Vs. Superman Gets Some Surprisingly Great Airline Ads

  1. I really enjoyed watching this Gotham one, but as always I think the suffocating badass darkness at the end there stomped out the joke.

    It was an awesome idea.

  2. Ok here’s what I didn’t like. This implied that Metropolis was fully rebuilt. I’m assuming this movie is a couple years after so are we supposed to believe an entire city filled with skyscrapers and was completely leveled, was rebuilt in less than 2 years?

    I’m all for suspending belief but that’s insane.

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