Arrested Development comes to a close, Travolta’s arrow is broken and all about Night Court – Feb 5-11


Ten years ago this week, Arrested Development burns through its final four episodes. Meanwhile, Broken Arrow thrills bored moviegoers around the world and Mel Torme finally appears on Night Court. We also talk about the ’96 telecommunications act and Haley’s Comet!

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30 thoughts on “Arrested Development comes to a close, Travolta’s arrow is broken and all about Night Court – Feb 5-11

  1. Man, I loved Night Court. Markie Post was one of my first crushes. Right up there with Daisy Duke and Erin Gray from Buck Rodgers form my preteen years.

  2. X3 I loved Arrested Development. it was absolutely crazy and built on so many levels overlapping and devouring the hell out of each other. You know, they sell the OST for that show now, but I remember before they got greenlit for season 4 they posted the entire soundtrack on their official tumblr. they took it down when the season 4 announcement came out. oh well. I’m gonna go watch season 2 & 3 now! yay!
    Let me just say…. Diana breaking out that DEEP arrested development tid bit from season 4 was AMAZING! thank GAWD she’s on this show. she’s the best!

  3. 1986: Night Court was my first “grown up” sitcom. I still swear that seasons 3-6 are a legitimately awesome show.

    1996: I have no idea why, but I loved the FUCK out of Broken Arrow when I saw it. It’s so, so bad. And I was 100% on the ska side of the ska/swing dichotomy, so I hate Cherry Poppin’ Daddies on principle.

    2006: I still say that Green Day did their best 21st-century work when they were pretending to be somebody else (first the Network, then Foxboro Hot Tubs). And my favorite filthy bit in Arrested Development season 3 is probably Swallows (family restaurant by day, anything-goes siwngers club by night)

  4. Is there any other subject that seems to seep into communities of people who are into games and comics and such, that so many people dislike as much as wrestling? It’s incredibly uninteresting, and so many of my game podcast networks feel the need to throw in a lot of talk that I, and apparently a lot of others, don’t give a rat’s ass about. What was the point of having a wrestling segment with names bleeped out? If you can’t give information, why give us any of the story? I love Dave, but wrestling seems to suck all the interest out of me, more than any other subject I can think of. It’s nice that some people like it, but it seems more devisive than any other subject that comes up so often.

    On Arrested Development the last show of season three ends with Michael asking what the most important thing is, and when George Michael says family, Michael says, “No, breakfast.” Watching on Netflix, after the last show ended it looped around and started at the beginning of the first episode, which starts with Michael asking what’s most important, and when George Michael says breakfast, Michael says, “No, family.” Watching it week by week as it came out, I don’t know how anyone would remember that three years later to see the bookending, and I wouldn’t have remembered if I didn’t see it looped like that, but it was cool just coming across it by accident. It’s a show that benefits from already having seen the whole thing, and going back with everything already “spoiled,” so you know that so many little things are actually important. It’s a lot like Back to the Future and other Zemeckis movies, just about everything ends up meaning something at some point.

    1. The name bleeped out was Chris Benoit, who killed his family and himself and for obvious reasons is pretty much considered an unperson by WWE and the wrestling community at large. Anyway, considering all the wrestling content on this show is now contained in one segment, all I can say is that the fast forward button is your friend.

  5. Broken Arrow is way worse than the actual great action movie of the year, The Rock. It’s also way worse than Woo’s next Hollywood action flick, Face/Off.

  6. I looked up that Arrested Development OST. It lacks “Fade to Nothing” and consequently has no reason to exist.

  7. Holy shit Chris, I can’t believe you’ve never seen F/X 2! Now it’s the “deadly art of illusion” and it turns the 80s stunt nonsense up to the maximum, at times becoming like a more ridiculous Home Alone.

    The plot revolves around Rollie running a police sting that goes bad, leading him to team up with Bryan Dennehy once again and features an awesome Terminator-esque robot sequence in the opening (although “Class of 1999” is probably a more apt comparison), Bryan Dennehy’s love interest getting shot in the mouth while eating a chili dog, and a fight involving an animatronic clown that Rollie controls via a full body suit.

    Imagine’s “Just an Illusion” made it into the sequel too, and man that track has a great bassline.

  8. Wrestling is truly the herpes of Laser Time.

    I love you guys, but you have a wrestling show. There is no need to let it infect everything else you do.

    1. There’s also an entire show about video games and comics, should those be excluded as well? You don’t have to enjoy every aspect of a podcast. I don’t particularly care about what movies came out eighty years ago, but I’m capable of listening to it because it takes all of 2 minutes tops. Maybe try considering that other people might enjoy something before insisting that it be removed.

  9. Because of how they shot it, watching season 4 of Arrested Development emphasized to me how unlikeable and loathsome each character is in his/her own way. Without the ensemble setting for most episodes, their selfish personalities were very undiluted. … That being said, I still love the whole show.

  10. My only comment is that I think it’s kinda pointless to bleep out Benoits name, we all know who you’re talking about and this is a history show, bad stuff happens and it’s not like you’re glorifying what he did. Unless you plan on bleeping out any name of someone who commits a crime in future shows, I mean, what’s the point? History is filled with bad stuff, by actually talking about it and recognizing the shit that happened we can hopefully learn and from it and avoid it from happening again.

    Just my two cents, keep up the great show!

      1. I hope so, because it kinda seemed like it wasn’t a joke. Just an over-sensitive white liberal self-censoring himself over a historical fact- that a monster murdered his family. But if it’s a bit Dave was doing or a joke about self-censorship on historical facts, I didn’t get it.

        Good news is it was only a couple of minutes so I could handle it 😉

        1. I edited the break, and as a joke I bleeped out his name because WWE has pretty much done the same thing IRL. When people yell his name, they silence the live feed of RAW. When he SHOULD be in archival footage, they cleverly move around him. Definitely wasn’t me being a liberal whatever scared of having Benoit’s name said on the show (which we say all the time anyway because yeah, it’s a historical thing that happened).

          Considering even I knew about the Benoit stuff and it happened when I couldn’t have been less interested in wrestling (it was also pretty big news in general that year) I assumed it was a pretty broad subject. Apparently not, which is all good 🙂

          1. I thought the joke was it was a spoiler for whenever we get to the whole murder thing. Which I’m down for talking about as long as it doesn’t mean a match by match recounting of Benoit’s career for “context.”

          2. As someone who doesn’t watch wrestling, I knew they had removed all of his footage and stuff but was unaware that they edit out the crowd shouts and stuff. So chalk it up to me just not getting the joke, haha. I was just slightly concerned about the potential for skipping important stuff that happens in future episodes because they might not be the most savory topics, good to know that was unwarranted.

  11. February 9, 2006 is when Disney got back the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit! They traded NBC Universal in exchange for sportscaster Al Michaels. Yes, they traded a human being for a cartoon rabbit. Also, February 8, 2001 (15 years ago) is when Disney’s California Adventure opened.

  12. I get that internet atheists are frequently self-righteous, vitriolic, indignant, judgmental, and just downright annoying, but really Henry? WORSE than born again Christians?

    1. Yeah, last time I checked, atheists, myself included, were the ones always fighting for equality and the rights of the oppressed; religious fundamentalists want to deny people like Henry of his rights. Internet atheists like The Amazing Atheist and Thunderfoot are a bunch of a-holes that are a-holes not because they are atheists, but because they are insufferable man-babies. Guys like Matt Dillahunty and Seth Andrews are the ones you should pay attention to.

  13. any chance you can shorten the intro music? its so long and the least best of the LT shows, also any chance us Patreon donors can get shows without ADS?

  14. Broken Arrow blows. They couldn’t even get the term right. A Broken Arrow refers to an accidental event that involves nuclear weapons, warheads or components, but which does not create the risk of nuclear war. These include: Accidental or unexplained nuclear detonation. Non-nuclear detonation or burning of a nuclear weapon.The term these assholes were looking for is Empty Quiver. An Empty Quiver refers to the seizure, theft, or loss of a functioning nuclear weapon. Goddamn it.

    1. I’d love Chris to watch F/X 2 just to see what he’d make of the scene with a robot clown attacking a murderer, while controlled by Bryan Brown in a motion capture suit.

      Didn’t make any of that up too.

  15. I don’t know if anyone cares.

    Lady Jane Gray, The Nine Days Queen, was not the monarch between Mary I and Elizabeth I.

    She came between Edward VI and Mary I IIRC.

  16. I love all your shows and I am so glad I finally have something to contribute…

    John Chambers was my second cousin. Among his fine achievements you discussed, it was also known among family that John and a couple buddies were responsible for the infamous Patterson Sasquatch video we’ve all seen.

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