Learn All About Deadpool In Our First Ever Superhero Spotlight


Just as his new film is premiering, we’ve got a helpful history on Deadpool, straight from our comic book podcast!

Are you intrigued by the new Deadpool film, but not totally sure what his deal is? Well, good thing your friends at Laser Time are comic books geeks– I mean EXPERTS, because we’ve got all the info you need. Taken straight from our comic book podcast, Cape Crisis, here’s the lengthy (and fun) history of Deadpool!

I’m betting you learned a thing or two from that, and not just that Rob Liefeld’s art has aged poorly. And that clip comes courtesy of Cape Crisis #173, so head over there to give a listen to the whole thing.

Let us know what you think, because we’re hoping to make sharing clips from our best podcasts a regular thing, so you’re input is definitely appreciated. In the meantime, here’s some classic Deadpool merch to enjoy until the film is out, including some of the comics discussed in the video!










4 thoughts on “Learn All About Deadpool In Our First Ever Superhero Spotlight

  1. I love this idea! I can only think of a few things to add. I think you should put more comic pages and art into the video, like during the Thunder Bolts talk I would of loved to see some art from that. Also I’m not 100% sure how the amazon links work but if it is possible I’d put your amazon links in annotations to get some green backs. I mean you’re not sure if the viewers will come back to main page. Finally Chris is amazing at making those end card things that tell you to “Like, Share, Subscribe” and when he has the time he should totally make a Cape Crisis themed one. Something that links to your comic based livestreams, iTunes, and a funny voice clip like Hank yelling Cape Crisis. But still great idea!

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