Daredevil’s Second Season Trailer Is About Punishment


It’s the Punisher vs. Daredevil live action fight you always dreamed of (or at least, that I always dreamed of)!

Happy President’s Day to those celebrating it with a day off! Netflix has a special treat for everyone this theoretical three-day weekend, with the first full trailer of Daredevil’s second season. And boy, oh boy, does it cut to the chase with one of the best versions of Marvel’s killer vigilante fighting its conflicted lawyer…

As some had hoped, this sets up several of Daredevil’s best comic storylines happening in the Netflix series. There’s his battles with Punisher, both philosophically and with bone crunching fisticuffs.


Not to mention some of the highs and lows of DD’s love life, showing Matt connecting with Karen Paige, while also reconnecting with Elektra, his old college flame. Sadly, we’ll have to wait a week to see more of her in the second trailer, but on the plus side, we did get to see more of Daredevil’s costumed action, which def looks improved from its shaky appearance in the season one finale.


The full season goes live on March 18, so clear out your binge watching schedules. With this, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones season 2, AND Defenders on the way, Marvel has pretty much conquered Netflix. But what do you think of the trailer? Tell us all about it in the comments!






5 thoughts on “Daredevil’s Second Season Trailer Is About Punishment

  1. This was freaking awesome. Bernthal looks like he’ll shape up to be the Castle we deserve after all these years. Lucky for us there’s only about a month left.

  2. I waited a whole damn… but great! season to see him in his costume, now I indulge all of that in season two! I CANT WAIT!!!

  3. sweet, I’m game, looks great. I couldn’t stand Shane and Walking Dead, but this guy deserves another shot. that costume though… still not gelling w me.

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