SNL Viewers Club: Melissa McCarthy with Kanye West

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Melissa McCarthy officially joins Saturday Night Live’s Five-Timers Club with this week’s episode. Or does she…?

I won’t lie to you, Melissa’s current movie The Boss looks like crap; however, she has been a phenomenal host in the past, committing to every bit no matter how extreme. Also, she’s definitely lost weight — good for her! On the music side is Kanye West, who needs no introduction… so I won’t do one. Let’s move on.

Hillary for President Cold Open

I have to give props to the team for doing something different with this cold open. It’s nice to finally see something other than a debate rehash. But this wasn’t particularly funny either — Darrell Hammond’s Bill Clinton cameo didn’t even add much. Beck Bennett’s Jeb Bush is nothing to write home about either.


My feelings on musical monologues are well known by this point, but this one at least had more of a twist. With any other host, this probably would have been a dub. With Melissa, it’s at least watchable.

“The Day Beyonce Turned Black”

This was a skewering that needed to happen, so for that, I’m on board. Unfortunately, it was a very one-note sketch.

Screen Test

Aside from vaguely resembling my dad’s fiance, Melissa absolutely sold this one. A good premise, and good performance from the host. That punch was perfect.

Movie Night

Unlike the previous sketch, Melissa was the accessory to Pete Davidson here — I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote this one or drew it from a standup bit. His delivery was on point, and the awkwardness ramped up perfectly.

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che were 50/50 on the zingers this week, but some jokes like the Ted Cruz porno ad stood out. I feel like we haven’t heard an impression from Vanessa Bayer in a while, but her Jennifer Aniston is awesome — one of my favorite Update guests in a while. The Broncos’ Von Miller also did a great job in his brief appearance. And while Leslie Jones’ closing out the segment wasn’t her best work at the desk, I wouldn’t want any other cast member to speak on Valentine’s Day. A fairly strong Update overall.

Pick-Up Artist

And here we have Melissa playing another role she where she always excels: the girl who tries way too much and creeps everyone out. I can take our leave Bennett’s cameo at the end of the sketch, but everything else here was (sadly) an accurate take on the skeezy pick-up scene.

Kyle vs. Kanye

The audience wasn’t digging this one at first — the dramatic way this sketch was shot didn’t help — but things perked up when the “rap battle” started. I don’t think this is the best thing Kyle Mooney’s done on the show, but I did enjoy it. His real-life home movies were a nice touch too.


The dynamic between Jones and McCarthy was perfect here. My only issue is the out-of-left-field ending. I was scratching my head, not laughing.

Whiskers R We with Melissa McCarthy

Like the recurring Porn Stars sketch, this one’s shown up a few times. And I have to say, this was one of the best, with some of the best punch lines.

Grade: B

Other than a few standouts (Movie Night for sure), this episode didn’t ascend like some of Melissa’s other hosting gigs. She certainly gave it her all, but most sketches didn’t go above and beyond. I’ll be back next month when Jonah Hill takes the stage.

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