The Best New Amazon Releases: Street Fighter Vs. Plants Vs. Zombies


Street Fighter makes its Sony exclusive debut and Johnny Depp moves to Boston in this week’s new stuff!

Happy President’s Day if you’ve got it free, and Happy Monday if you don’t. Either way, this is a big week for new arrivals on Amazon. More so for games than movies – we’ve got a major sequel, along with two niche tactics games that are big in Japan. Meanwhile, we’ve got some Oscar hopefuls that came up short. And remember, buy anything through these links and it helps support our site at no extra cost to you. So, give it a look…

Street Fighter V
Given the many, many, many, MANY releases, it sure doesn’t feel like eight years since Street Fighter IV reinvigorated the fighting genre. And yet here we are, with the launch of the long-awaited sequel – can they keep the genre fresh while pulling in the SFIV fans? And how well it use the new-gen power of PlayStation 4, the console it’s exclusively appearing on? Will this spurring Xbone owners to get their half-circle punch on their PCs? We’ll find out this week.

Fire Emblem Fates
Fire Emblem has really gone places. Originally seen as too hardcore to ever bring over to the US, the success of 2013’s Awakening brought in a whole new fanbase who love dating sim elements just as much as turn-based battles. Fates looks to up all of that, as well as pushing fans to playthrough three different versions of the game (for a price). Will you be getting Birthright or Conquest? Remember, you can get the other version as cheaper DLC later. And if you don’t have a New 3DS yet, there a Fire Emblem branded one this week too.

Project X Zone 2
However, if you prefer your strategy games to be more about fan service than permadeath and marriage, then this is the sequel for you. Sega, Namco, and Capcom have gotten together again to combine all their underused characters into one silly fun crossover game. See meetings you never expected (Resident Evil meets Streets of Rage meets Tekken), and Nintendo even shared some Fire Emblem characters to make it even more exciting. If you’re a fan of old school Japanese games, this is the best deal you’re going to find.

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2
Though it’s only out this week on EA Access, now’s the time to get an early taste of it. I’ve heard many good things about the original Garden Warfare, but I’ll just have to go by word of mouth despite owning free copies of the game on multiple systems. A squad-based shooter based on one of the first big mobiles hits seems ridiculous, but Garden Warfare and its sequel make it a reality. This week we’ll find out if the sequel can keep that streak of quality going – though I’ll probably just wait until it’s a PlayStation Plus freebie.

Black Mass
Do you miss the days when Johnny Depp felt like a fun secret to discover instead of the most overexposed and rich actors on Earth. Black Mass felt like Depp’s attempt to return to serious stuff, though the results are pretty varied. Then again, if you’re dying for another dose of Boston mobsters with over the top Mass-hole accents, you could do worse than this biopic of the infamous crime boss, Whitey Buldger. Or you could just rewatch The Departed.

If there’s one thing Hollywood is usually a fan of celebrating, it’s itself, and if that happens in a period biopic, all the better. Trumbo follows a blacklisted writer played by Bryan Cranston during the Red Scare of the ’50s. This got more than a few Oscar nominations, including Cranston himself for best actor, putting him one step closer to an EGOT. Now, ahead of the Academy Awards, you can see for yourself if it’s any good.

Steve Jobs
It would seem that the world wasn’t as excited to see films based on Steve Jobs as we once thought. When the Apple exec died, there were a million think pieces on the man’s impact and biography became a bestseller. But now, after two unpopular Steve Jobs films, it would seem people aren’t as into the making of the iPhone as they thought, even when played by the magnetic Michael Fassbender. Look, I dunno, I swore this off when I found out it shared a writer with Newsroom – but if you worship the Apple, give it a look.

Miyazaki fans should not miss this sale!

The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki
Hayao Miyazaki is the most celebrated animator of the last 50 years, and for good reason. Films like My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, and Princess Mononoke are some of the most fully realized worlds ever shown in theaters, capturing the hearts of people from just about every age and part of the planet. Now that he’s retired, Amazon has an exquisite looking special collection of every feature length film Miyazaki directed all in one box set. Plus, there are some fantastic bonuses as well that will likely justify the price. Currently it’s less than $180, which is a fucking STEAL. If you love animation, BUY THIS.












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  1. You know when you hear some hardcore gamers complain about some titles being “dumbed down for casuals”, with what I’ve heard about the bare bones launch so far, I feel Street Fighter might be the exact extreme opposite of this, being unless you’re MLG you’re not going to want to pick it up, at most not day one.

      1. Yep and I’m always told Nintendo are better with Europe. Sometimes they are, sure, but I swear it’s mostly not when I care about the game the most.

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