Alf harasses the Air Force, Happy Gilmore screams a lot and Chappelle talks quitting TV – Feb 12-18


Chuck Norris invades theaters – and Israel – as Alf pesters the Air Force and Happy Gilmore asks a golf ball to suck his white ass. Then in 2006, Dave Chappelle returns to TV and Date Movie makes a bunch of jokes no one remembers.

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14 thoughts on “Alf harasses the Air Force, Happy Gilmore screams a lot and Chappelle talks quitting TV – Feb 12-18

  1. Yes the whole computer beats a human at X still happens. Just a few weeks ago they revealed a computer that can beat humans at Go.

  2. You may recall King Diamond from Clerks 2, both as the band playing when Jay & Silent Bob first appear and when they team up with Randal to sing satanic lyrics to Elias. The 1986 album is Fatal Portrait, and the music featured in Clerks 2 is from “Them,” which is a fantastic album.

  3. Alf was good for the first two seasons, then got more formulaic for the last two. His character in project Alf didn’t really seem like him any more, the way the Muppet characters don’t seem right after Jim Henson died.

  4. I was born in 91, so the two Muppet movies that landed right in my childhood were Treasure Island and one that I’ve never heard discussed by anyone else–94’s direct-to-video Muppet Classic Theater, which is the absolute extreme of what Chris was talking about here–literally just having the Muppets be actors in classic stories. Anyway, Muppet Treasure Island is a movie I watched on VHS over and over again and remember absolutely nothing about.

  5. I adore Chris. I really, honestly, truly do. I wish I could meet all of you and be your friends. Chris, your hard work and dedication to this website and all of the content has made my life better. Seriously.

    But, this is constructive criticism. I hate the very thought of upsetting you, but I feel like I need to comment on this. You’ve got to stop interrupting everyone, man. I think it’s awesome that you have thoughts, opinions, and stories for most of the topics here. But someone starts to speak and you steam roll over them.

    It’s not an easy thing to change, but any attempt to ease back and let everyone else talk a bit more would be awesome. Please don’t hate me. I love you. I’m sorry, I hate myself, I want to go die in an alley now, please have a great weekend.

  6. You bringing up the Wayans brothers reminds me of how in a past episode, you talk about the date rape scene in Revenge of the Nerds and talk about how movies in the 80’s thought sex under false pretenses was comedy gold and you’re glad that era is over. But the 2006 Wayans Brothers comedy “Little Man” featured a scene where the eponymous Little Man sneaks into his new adopted families bed and has sex with his adopted mother when the lights are off, and she thinks the entire time it’s her husband who is actually sleeping somewhere else, which leads to hilarity when the next day she thanks him for the best sex of her life!

    1. Yup, a woman can’t tell the difference between a 6-foot man and a 3-foot one if it’s dark. Women need to be able to see to also be able to touch things.

      And yet that’s only like the fourth dumbest and most offensive thing in that movie. I’m so glad Kerry Washington started getting better work.

  7. Hey Henry, there’s a deleted scene from Happy Gilmore where right at the end of the movie he throws Ben Stiller out the window. No idea why it didn’t make the final cut.

  8. I got to see Chappelle, was a complete shit show. I was at the infamous Hartford 2013 show, dude sat down smoked cig’s on the edge of the stage read a book, after he forgot his routine after some Paula Deen jokes. The dude shuts down after the audience, mind you it’s a festival and we’ve all been there for like 8 hours, calls him out for sucking and blanking on his own bits. Then he has some balls race baiting the situation, because he sucked and we were a primarily white crowd. (the tickets were fucking expensive dude. in the middle of the recession, where the middle class was hit harder than the national average. Let alone the minority population which was hammered even worse.) Mind you here in CT we have a well regarded forum that open arms accepts race, class and society debates from entertainers, thinkers, and pundits on a near weekly basis. We have that forum, and it’s better than some stoner comic spouting out on Twitter. We also are the home of WWE, we can be reeeaaal a-holes when it comes to crowd chanting, we are of the home, and possibly kings and queens of that kind crowd reaction (on a side note, nothing better then chanting/singing John Cena Sucks at the younger citizens of Cenation, I miss that guy).

    On the bright side Flight of the Conchords were fantastic and so was Kristen Schall. To Dave’s credit he came back the next year didn’t suck, and the crowd gave him a huge pop for being great. I didn’t see that show though, the whole festival thing is a horrible way to see comedy acts.

  9. You guys missed Matt Groening on the birthdays! February 15th! I remember because that’s my birthday too.

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