Agent Carter “Life of the Party” & “Monsters” Double Review

Agent Carter, Season 2, review, episode, Hayley Atwell, Life of the Party, Monsters, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe

This week’s episode was an epic two-parter. If you haven’t yet seen it yet, turn back now!

Reviewing two separate episodes as one is often a tricky thing. Thankfully, these were connected, and flowed together quite nicely. Not only that, but tonight’s big event provided some of the best material we’ve ever seen from the show. So much happened in the span of two hours.

For starters, Dottie finally came back into the picture, and in a massive way. Put simply, she is a blast to watch. She’s constantly having fun in the presence of Peggy and her team. It’s all a big game to her, and it’s great seeing her interact with the team when placed on a diamond-necklace leash.  Her dynamic with Peggy continues to be great — Peggy snapping her fingers to get her attention was a standout moment — and her further integration into the story was much needed.

Agent Carter, Season 2, review, episode, Hayley Atwell, Life of the Party, Monsters, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe


By the end of the first episode, Dottie was captured and placed into the hands of Whitney Frost. Their scene was fantastic, with Dottie trying to hide her fear of Whitney’s ever-growing powers — both actresses are powerhouses in their respective roles. While it is a little strange that Dottie broke so easily, I liked seeing a more scared side of her.

Speaking of Whitney, she is essentially a full-blown super villain now. Having fully(?) developed her powers and wiping out over half the council, she is now the woman in charge. It was a welcome, and unexpected, turn of events when she came to visit Wilkes. Their realization of each others’ powers was exciting, especially when Whitney discovered that her powers don’t work so well on him. I’m interested to see how their powers play off of each another in the future.

I’ve been complaining a lot recently about the lack of both a meaningful thing for Jarvis to do and the absence of his newly introduced wife. Both of those were addressed head on in these episodes. Jarvis’ wife was given time to worry about his safety after finally learning the truth about what he does. This led to some warm heart-to-heart scenes between them, and a stronger characterization of the two.

Agent Carter, Season 2, review, episode, Hayley Atwell, Life of the Party, Monsters, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe

Heart to heart, gun to bullet.

As for Jarvis himself, he was the lead when it came to the charity event; his asking for weapons for said operation had me in stiches. Jarvis doing something important, and not solely being the joke of every scene, was a highly refreshing change. His success didn’t end there, either, as he got out of his restraints before Peggy and Dottie — why didn’t Dottie free herself earlier? — and saved the day. But even after all of that, his most interesting scene came after the sudden change in character once he realized his wife was in danger. I was startled when Jarvis pulled a gun on Dottie, but his serious and heartbreaking demeanor didn’t stop there, continuing all the way until final, touching scene at the hospital. It seems we’ll see a different side of Jarvis in the final few episodes, and that’s a good thing.

Another character made his return after an odd absence: Jack Thompson. His scenes with both Jarvis in the charity event and Peggy at the end of “Life of the Party” were standout moments each, adding tension to the already intensifying story. Yet I can’t help but question why Jack seems to be against Peggy, siding with the clearly shady gentlemen. It seems almost as if the writers went in this direction just to create more personal conflict for Peggy, and not because it was a natural place for the character to go.

Sousa’s story also ramped up over these two hours. Right off the heels of last week, he is suddenly no longer engaged. Everything was on table, and he and Peggy nearly kissed. Finally they are caught up to where the audience have been since the beginning of the season! It’s nice to see it openly addressed, and with the addition of Wilkes, I’m curious to see how it will play out.

Agent Carter, Season 2, review, episode, Hayley Atwell, Life of the Party, Monsters, ABC, MCU, Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe

Probably in some steamy manner.

On top of Sousa’s feelings for Peggy, he came face to face with the decision Jack so quickly made: allegiance to Vernon. Unlike Jack, Sousa kept his moral high ground, even after being beat up and sidelined from the SSR in one fell swoop. I’m curious to see where Vernon will fall in Team Carter’s priority list when it comes to taking him down, as the attention is currently on Whitney.

This week’s episodes were the best of the season. Every character’s story advanced, and the plot as a whole intensified as the stakes rose. Unlike last week’s overly comedic hour, both “Life of the Party” and “Monsters” did a fantastic job balancing really funny scenes with the more serious threads. These are examples of what Agent Carter cane be when it’s at its best. I just hope that Dottie isn’t gone for good.

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  1. I agree that these are the best episodes of the season so far, but interrupting one of Dottie’s first scene’s back with Jarvis’s over the top charade skit was even more out of place and suspense killing than the dumb poster in last week’s episode.

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