Vidjagame Apocalypse 151 – Playable Communists with Ryan Hodge


Ryan J. Hodge, author of Laser Time’s own Play/Write series, joins us for the first time this week to chat about frumpy Soviets, suspiciously unnamed guerrillas and other commies who’ve taken starring roles in games over the years. Then it’s on to talk about Street Fighter V and Fire Emblem Fates, free Sega games on Steam and your earliest crushes on game characters.

Question of the Week

Who’s your favorite fighting-game character to play as?




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27 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 151 – Playable Communists with Ryan Hodge

  1. Qotw: Magneto in marvel vs capcom 2. The guy was a broken mess of a character that required hours of practice and stood proudly in that games top 4 characters. Magneto may be example of the impenetrability of fighting games, but overwhelming people with his rush down, mix ups and infinites was super rewarding and his mechanical intricacies lead me to my current fighting game obsession.

  2. QOTW Answer: I’ve played every rendition of Mortal Kombat and no matter who they add as a new character I always gravitate towards Liu Kang. His specials were always simple and effective and a well held “C” button (on genesis) would always start the match with the physics defying bicycle kick.

  3. QOTW: the first game I ever truly knew was mine, not hand downs from family, was super street fighter 2. And thus the life long love affair with the greatest character ever began. His name is Guile. He made 6year old me want to be a pilot, I’m not a pilot now because I realised that the airforce is flying planes and not breaking boxes and listening to awesome tunes. Still to this day I will always choose Guile. Some have said “he only has two special moves” and I say “he also has two taunts and one is the ending to CSI Miami”. John Claude I salute you.

  4. QOTW
    I am too young to know and appreciate fighting games the way most people do. Even now, I am just starting to get into Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat X. My favorite kharacter (who has yet to be released) is Bo’Rai Cho from MKX. He is an old drunken master who fights with fire, belly flops, an old man cane and vomiting after his drunkenness has warn off. I have no history with Mortal Kombat other than loving the movie, but MKX is a ton of fun and farting and fart-trapping someone’s face with Bo,Rai Cho will be amazing.

  5. All MK versions, specially X and the 2011 version for Xbox 360.
    ALWAYS with Kitana. Love her fan moves and fatalities 🙂

  6. Well, I find Slayer from the Guilty Gear series is pretty fun to play. He has been my character since Guilty Gear XX reloaded on Xbox. Im not so good at fighters but playing as a suave monocled vampire with some sweet fisticuffs skills is awesome. His not so safe yet satisfying moves make an impact if you connect all the right moves and make some awesome vampire knuckle sandwiches in your opponents jaw.

  7. Frame data is just part of how the game plays. You care about it even if you don’t know what it is. It’s just part of what makes the game feel fun.

  8. As an Xbox One and Mac owner who will never own a PS4 or PC. There are currently 65443 players on Rocket League Xbox One edition right now. Pretty sure we will be fine, but thanks for your concern <3.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you except the mac part. Im oddly confused on the ignorance these guys have of the xbox one online community. I mean I know playstation is so far ahead of it worldwide but its not like xbox is not selling at all.

  9. Qotw
    As a combo answer with last weeks question I would say chin li. As someone who isn’t terribly great at fighting games her moves were easy enough to learn, and looked pretty cool. Her portrayal as a strong capable women in the anime movie cemented her as my favorite forever. Well that and dem thighs

  10. QotW:
    Kuradoberi Jam from Guilty Gear.

    She’s incredibly mobile, has tons of ways to close distance and keep opponents guessing. Story-wise, she’s one of only two fighters in the world who can use chi energy, and won the second Guilty Gear tournament, which she used to start a restaurant of all things. Bonus: she’s cute, has great legs, is an awesome cook, and her hair ornament looks like an empty beer can. What’s not to love?

  11. QOTW:

    Paul from Tekken. I was obsessed with Tekken 1 from the first time I saw it. Obviously hes based on Guile, with that dodgy blonde barnet. He had a strong dashing punch to punish mistakes and cool mix ups for toe to toe scraps. When he got the counter move in Tekken 2 he really was a monster. Honorable mentions to Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken 3, beating people with a small chinese girl was always a laugh.

  12. QOTW: Anna Williams from Tekken 2, who also takes the title for videogame crush. Those polygons sure could wiggle, and the more said about her ending movie the better. Steamy!

  13. QOTW:
    Taki from SoulCalibur II. Setting aside her basically-body-paint costume and, let’s say, artistically-generous tits, I have never been more at home with a fighting game character than with Taki. Freshman year of college, SC2 was the default game for my friends and I, and I doubt I will ever be as good at a PvP mode again in my life. A remarkable meta-game sprung up amongst all of us on my hall, with everybody finding a character they main’d — after a fling with Yoshimitsu, me and Taki became a power-couple. All her insane leaping, dodging, fake-outs, charge-ups, and throws, I had it down cold. I could baffle my friends that used larger characters like Nightmare and Necrid. Even Mitsirugi and Yun Sung were too slow, forcing people to use faster, weirder characters like Talim and Voldo in order to keep up. While I accept I will never be good at another fighting game again, my time with SoulCalibur 2 made me understand that matches in great fighters like Street Fighter 5 are like dialogs, and in the hands of grandmasters fluent in these languages, you can see amazing things.

  14. My favorite fighting game character is May from the Guilty Gear series. She’s a little Japanese pirate girl who has oddly incredible strength that lets her use an anchor as a weapon. Ironically, I’ve never been a fan of charge characters in fighting games, but I felt right at home using May as she fought with the help of her marine animal friends; chaining combos as she rides dolphins, has them jump through hoops, has otters throw beach balls, and has a gigantic whale crash into your opponent. Her ridiculous moves, and upbeat attitude let me realize that regardless of how good other players are online, It still felt satisfying thrashing opponents with an anchor, dolphins, beach ball throwing otters, and giant whales with a super happy pirate girl.

  15. QOTW: My favorite fighting game character is Kilik from Soul Calibur. A good all-around character and a real powerhouse once you really get a feel for him. his backstory is kinda ridiculous but ridiculous in an awesome way and he’s good freinds with Maxi and Xiuanghua (who later becomes his babymama?) He was my main guy in SC 1 and 2. Since I am a xbox guy and held off on a 360 for a couple years, I didnt play 3 or 4, so i was very excited for SC 5. Surprise! Kilik is now the new Edge Master, which makes him useless to me! His irritatingly overenergetic anime protagonist son is meant as his replacement but barely plays like him. That disappointment and 2 games worth of new controls schemes made me put SC 5 down after only 6 hours of playtime. I keep meaning to get back to it someday.

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