Zelda turns 30, Jackie rumbles in Vancouver and Paul Walker eats a hockey puck – Feb 19-25


The Legend of Zelda celebrates 30 years of adventure, Jackie Chan re-debuts in America with Rumble in the Bronx and Paul Walker’s best non-car movie releases in 2006. Plus Rosanne goes to Disney World!

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12 thoughts on “Zelda turns 30, Jackie rumbles in Vancouver and Paul Walker eats a hockey puck – Feb 19-25

  1. Lol i remember I got Rumble in the Bronx on DVD from my uncle for Christmas one year. I’m pretty sure it’s in a box in my mom’s basement somewhere now still sealed.

  2. My dad took me and my little brother to see Rumble In The Bronx in the theatre when it came out and it stands as one of the best movie-going experiences of my life. We’d never seen anyone like Jackie Chan and, like Brett, when we eventually got the VHS, we rewound the gag/stunt reel credits over and over and over again because it was so amazing. Thanks for the good memories.

  3. Lots of great memories in this one, too. “Kung Fu” by Ash, the song that Brett plays from the Rumble in the Bronx ending credits, is also featured on the soundtrack for the movie Angus. That soundtrack is really, really good. A lot of indie/alternative bands from the 90s.

    And Alan Rickman’s birthday made me a little sad. After his death my wife and I watched Galaxy Quest and Sense & Sensibility in rememberance of him. Prior to that we watched Harry Potter 5-7 and at Christmastime we watched Die Hard. I don’t really mourn famous people’s deaths, but I really love those down to earth, strange, character actors like him and Steve Buschemi. The latter of which is one my favorite actors of all time.

  4. I think that summary for “London” is wrong, because that’s the plot of a different Chris Evans movie, “Cellular”.
    And i loved the end of “Mr Nice Guy” because after an entire movie of trying to do right by everybody, Jackie just loses his shit and goes ham on everyone in a giant piece of construction equipment. (I think that’s the correct movie. right?)

  5. Regarding the discussion on Tyler Perry, his primary audience would drop him like a hot potato if he came out of the closet. My mother and aunts (all older, Southern, religious, and black) love love LOVE Tyler Perry and go to see all of his movies, plays, musicals, etc. They also think being gay is a sin and especially look down on gay black men. This is common in the black community in the south and Tyler Perry would especially know this. It main gain him acceptance in the mainstream, but it would ruin his niche market.

    Love the show guys! I look forward to this podcast more than any of the others!! More Diana!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. So Running Scared had an online flash game to promote the movie that included an oral sex mini-game. You assumed the role of Paul Walker going down on his wife. This came out pre-iPhone, so it was PC only, and it has been surprisingly hard to track down any info about the game other than some random blog posts. You would think an oral sex mini-game would be kind of a big deal, especially an official game for a mainstream studio movie, but after searching for a bit, it’s like it never existed.

    Here’s a short blurb from Ain’t it Cool News: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/22403

    Here’s another old blog with the infamous screen shot: http://filmfreakcentral.blogspot.com/2006/03/crazy-alex-jacksons-running-scared.html

  7. What version of Radical Dreamers did you play? The song from Chrono Cross? I’m trying to find the same one and having a bit of trouble searching the youtube.

  8. It’s worth mentioning that Paul Walker actually WAS in one really good movie you don’t have to stack with qualifiers. It’s called Hours, and is about a father trying to keep his baby daughter on working life support in New Orleans, as Katrina swoops in and takes away any semblance of modern amenity and, y’know, life support devices.

    I won’t go so far as to say I couldn’t imagine another actor starring in it and excelling, but it’s Walker’s finest acting performance, and a tense film.

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