Laser Time’s 2016 Oscar Sketches


Like sketch comedy but hate our show? This very well could satisfy you…

Look, I know a lot of you don’t like the Oscars, and I don’t necessarily think you should either. While I certainly like an excuse to watch upwards of 10 films I probably wouldn’t otherwise each year, the Academy’s choices usually do more to infuriate me than enrich, and this year, it looks as if I’m not alone. That said, I also love making fun of shit, so damned if our annual Oscar Time shows don’t offer ample opportunity for just that!

And seriously, thank you for enduring these little sketches. We’re hardly professional actors/comedy writers, and even though these take a bit of work, it really is fun to whip out the old timey voices and Hanna Barbera sound effects once a year. Now go watch Room and Big Short, you Mad-Max-and-Martian-only-watchin’ fucks!

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