The 11 Greatest Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

the twilight zone, radio, scripts, radio play, radio drama, stacey keach, rod serling

Submitted for your approval: my favorite episodes of the underrated Twilight Zone radio drama series that launched in 2002.

Based on series creator Rod Serling’s original scripts, each radio play recreates classic TZ episodes with Hollywood stars of the day, like Jim Caviezel, Blair Underwood, and Christopher McDonald (well, he was awesome in Dirty Work, at least). Replacing the late, great Rod Serling in the narration department is Titus and Prison Break star Stacy Keach, who never misses a beat — the perfect voice for this reboot of sorts.

the twilight zone, radio, scripts, radio play, radio drama, stacey keach, rod serling

There’s a lot of material here: 18 volumes containing about 10 episodes each, with episodes running about 40 minutes long. I decided to weed out the good and only recommend the best, since each one runs about $1.99, and owning all of them would be pretty expensive, with about 150 shows to buy.

Having listened to all of them while commuting to and from work, I can confirm that they are all enjoyable, but these are the best. These are the ones to listen to the next time “you’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead. Your next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

  • Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up, starring Richard Kind
  • Night of the Meek, starring Christopher McDonald
  • The Grave, starring Michael Rooker
  • The Howling Man, starring Fred Willard
  • A Hundred Yards Over the Rim, starring Jim Caviezel
  • The Hitchhiker, starring Kate Jackson
  • To Serve Man, starring Blair Underwood
  • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, starring John Schneider
  • Shadow Play, starring Ernie Hudson
  • Execution, starring Don Johnson
  • Steel, starring Louis Gossett, Jr.

Each of these episodes is available for purchase on iTunes or directly from Hollywood 360 Radio, which also gives you thee free downloads just for joining their mailing list. And hell, these were all television episodes back in the day. Why not check them out on the small screen too?

Moan4Stallone is Laser Time’s horror master, and The Twilight Zone is pretty darn close to that. Follow him on Twitter for more twists!

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    1. Also the blurays for each season also contain some of these episodes; so before you buy them individually check your discs if you own them. Thanks for checking this one out!

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