Laser Time – Retro TV Blocks


In honor of the national nightmare that is the return of Full House, we’re talking about our favorite TV programming blocks of yore. From TGIF to Must-See TV, to SNICK and beyond!


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23 thoughts on “Laser Time – Retro TV Blocks

  1. I really hated how people were actually excited by Fuller House and completely blinded by rose tinted glasses. Although, I guess this happens with EVERY generation, it’s just now reached the 90s and years that contain things I actually grew up around.

  2. I was on the older side of the target demo (11 when it started), so I have fonder memories of Growing Pains spin-off Just The Ten of Us than y’all. It’s by no means a good show, but I was 12 and had a huge crush on Jamie Luner and Heather Langenkamp. In my old age, the only other thing I really remember is that the priest running the Catholic school was Herb from WKRP (a much better show, obviously).

    Looking forward to the animated-block show, should it happen.

  3. Man, you guys knew Family Matters was a spin-off of Perfect Strangers, but didn’t know that Just the Ten of Us was a spin-off of Growing Pains? The main character is the same character that was the high-school gym coach on Growing Pains.

  4. Damnit Chris Prometheus and Bob was an Alien (Prometheus) teaching a caveman (Bob) not a Frankenstein thing. It was my favorite KaBlam thing since I do love slapstick like that,.

    Must See TV. Its fun looking at the top 25 shows in the 90s early 2000s and seeing what was a show between ER, Friends or Seinfeld that didn’t make it. Such obscure shit. Also ER is a show that I don’t see on rerun on cable unless I’m not looking at the right channels.

    1. I love Prometheus and Bob, along with the rest of KaBlam to be totally honest. The monkey that was in Prometheus and Bob though, was by far the absolute highlight of that short, if you had to choose one character. Headed down the youtube rabbit hole now to enjoy myself .

  5. My only memory of Just the Ten of Us is the main character bringing a gun to school and shooting it into the ceiling to get his class to shut up. I’m sure that would go over real well today.

    Oh, and the Darkwing Duck villain was called Taurus Bulba, which is a really strange reference to an 1835 Ukrainian novel called Taras Bulba. I think that may set some kind of record for the most obscure literary shout out in a children’s cartoon.

    1. When Henry gets really strident about what he’s saying, it’s almost always wrong. How could he not remember a bull called Taurus Bulba, and think he had the same name as Sebulba from a terrible Star Wars movie?

  6. Random thing I remembered after posting my first thing:

    I was on Usenet in 1996ish, when a guy who had already established his “on speaking terms with Hasbro” bona fides posted looking for people willing to part with their diving-gear Shipwreck toys. They were willing to pay well above market value, and couldn’t say WHY they needed them. As it turned out, it was for “Action League Now” because they needed a lot of toys they could ruin int he pursuit of making that show. Dude posted to after the season had aired, whining about how he wishes he’d known that they were going to destroy all those figures because he wouldn’t have helped. It was enough salt to…I don’t know, start a mine?

  7. I’m only a couple of years older than most of the guys, but I never watched many shows that had many kids in them. I didn’t have cable until college, so maybe that was part of it, but I don’t remember too many shows on the three channels we had that had many kids, other than Diffrent Strokes, or Silver Spoons, or that sort, which only had a few kids, instead of a whole cast of kids, like in Disney shows now, and a lot of the Nickelodeon shows after they got past Danger Mouse times, and the TGIF crap that the guys seem to have enjoyed, but I always thought was absolutely terrible, even with only three channels (and I watched stuff like Designing Women, just because it was on.) Needing media that only showed people who looked like you seems to be a thing that came along later, I never needed to feel like I could be in a televised situation, I guess.

    I don’t remember being that into girls or young women on TV shows, but I would watch Wings, which I hated, just to see Crystal Bernard. The things we used to do to see pretty women before we could just search for anything.

    1. I remember recently me and my brother watched a Roundhouse clip just so we could have some context of a show I know we watched but damn if we retained any of it. Its full of half jokes and references that I’m waiting for a punchline that never comes. Its a show so forgotten Nick won’t tease it during their retro block during the original 90s are all that run before I stopped giving a crap because they ran All That and Keenan and Kel into the ground.

      And Roundhouse ran til 1996 on Nick? When the fuck did it air cause I know 9 year old me was watching and don’t remember it coming on at all. Was it before the Mr. Wizard reruns?

  8. Being born in Ireland about a decade after you guys gives me absolutely no context to this esoteric nonsense.
    Still funny as fuck though, oh lasertime, never change

    1. I was worried about this being the case, sorry man. That said: IT HAD TO BE DONE! This wonderful garbage was a cornerstone of our childhoods, our cultural education, and remember, we didn’t even meet one another until our mid 20s, yet experienced the same everything. Sorry if the subject matter didn’t reach across the pond. Next time, brother!

  9. I feel like there’s a yes to Brett’s question about if people/kids still huddle around as a group to watch shows on specific nights? yes, but they don’t physically go over to peoples houses they all gather in the chat box together and yes on specific days when they know new content is going to arrive. Just like we all do when you guys do live streams on twitch or Monday night movies. that’s our TGIF.

  10. Taurus Bullba, not Sabulba. Brett even gave you three chances to realize that name was wrong and neither Henry or Chris got it. haha

    Great episode. I had totally forgotten about KaBlam!

  11. Now this episode screamed classic laser time to me, back when you guys talked about cable and sit-coms, i will never get tired of those to combinations on this show. I always love hearing about the old sit-coms, we got a few of them over here but not all of them. I would love to suggest a topic involving failed spin-off shows since that disaster joey show was mentioned. mentioning kablam on this episode brought back a lot of vague memories of loving it, i wonder how badly it aged.

  12. This episode subject reminds me of “Must Shit TV” from the “It Hits the Fan” episode of South Park. I don’t have any insightful commentary beyond that, I just love saying “Must Shit TV.”

  13. As someone whose girlfriend is always watching Disney channel, I can confirm what Chris said: this shit never died, it just went to Disney.

  14. I did enjoy this episode a lot more than the last one. I would, however, like to ask Henry to stop making noises when something he doesn’t like is mentioned. It is extremely hard to listen to.

  15. Great episode, guys! Tons of shite I forgot about.
    Speaking as an old married guy, the Marriage Ref was kind of funny, if you’re married. It wasn’t on very long at all, 6 or 8 episodes.
    I think my favorite alltime block was NBC 1983… Gimme A Break / Family Ties / Cheers / Night Court / Hill Street Blues…

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