Jackie Chan’s 7 Most Dangerous Outtakes


Just as we hit an important anniversary for Jackie Chan, we’re celebrating how dang hard he works at making everything look so effortless…

If you missed the news on a recent ThirtyTwentyTen podcast, we talked about how it’s been 20 years since mainstream America got its first real look at the wonder that is Jackie Chan. He’d made dozens of films before Rumble In The Bronx hit US theaters, but the wide release of that movie introduced millions to his comedic mix of stunts, kung fu, and broad gags that made him an international icon. Imagine seeing something like this when most US martial arts films were home to the slow and serious antics of Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal…

At their best, Jackie Chan’s action movies are like a playground full of props to play with, and he makes it all look so easy like a living cartoon. But that ease comes at a big cost, as the credits often show. Inspired by the blooper reel for Cannonball Run (which he had a bit part in), Chan decided all his movies should have one as well – only, replace Dom Deluise giggling with broken bones and medical experts. Of all Jackie’s post-credits making-of, injury filled videos, these spotlit how much blood, sweat, and tears go into making an action hit. Such as…

7. Jackie Chan’s First Strike


Even though Jackie leaps from an exploding helicopter, tumbles down a snowy mountainside and survives multiple takes underwater, First Strike’s most memorable stunt has to be the battle in and around a metal ladder. As you’ll see above and below, Jackie leaps between the posts and uses it as a most effective weapon… but not without tallying up a few more bruises on his face and hands.

This scene is so effective that to this day it’s easiest to jog people’s First Strike memories by saying, “it’s the one with the ladder.” BUT let’s not sell the other stunts short, as Jackie submerges himself in a frigid lake and swims with a shark. As you can tell by the humorous blunders it took numerous attempts to get these stunts right, but once it’s edited together it becomes a mesmerizing dance of violence. – Brett

6. Police Story


After Hollywood spent the early ’80s trying to turn him into the next Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan returned to Hong Kong to make the 1985 movie that’d set the template for most of his future films. Police Story casts Chan as a *ahem* super cop who gets in increasingly desperate battles against large armies of bad guys in highly destructible locales. The opening features a bus chase that nearly splatters Chan and his stuntmen while also tearing apart a shanty town, and you can see just how close they came to disaster in the GIF above.

But it’s the finale that really nearly killed Jackie, as the credits can attest. Even with the use of stunt glass, the amount broken during the big mall battle can’t be safe. And that pole slide at the end? Chan got second degrees burns on his hands from the hotness of the pole, and then when he landed he hurt his back and dislocated his pelvis. That’s the whole movie posted above, and it’s definitely worth a watch if you’ve never seen it – it’s both the true start to Jackie’s stardom and his laundry list of horrible injuries.

5. Mr. Nice Guy


By the time Mr Nice Guy hit US theaters, the Rumble bump had wavered considerably. The opening night crowd was substantially thinner than Rumble, Supercop and even First Strike, making this closer to my Ernest Rides Again theater experience than say, Ernest Scared Stupid. Anyway, Jackie tucks and rolls over a goddamn spinning buzzsaw, a stunt that made the audience audibly gasp when it happened.

The other moment that stands out is Jackie scaling the impossibly large tires of a Devastator-sized dump truck. The fact this thing is in motion while he darts in around between the tires always make my toes curl, because a mistake here doesn’t mean a broken nose – it’s a verrrrry closed coffin funeral. Bonus: Jackie sings the theme, because why not! – Brett

Jackie Chan’s closest-to-death experience and a motorcycle jumping over a train await you on the next thrilling page!

4 thoughts on “Jackie Chan’s 7 Most Dangerous Outtakes

  1. Man, watching these makes me really hopeful we can get a Jackie Chan vehicle as a Monday Night Movie. Something like Rumble in the Bronx is the perfect kind of movie to watch in that form: relatively short and dense on great comedic fight choreography and “oh shit!” stunt moments.

  2. The slap stick like moments of these fights really stands out against the absolute brutality we get in the “oh-shit” fights of today – lke in say the The Raid series.

  3. I’ve enjoyed Jackie Chan movies since the 80s, back then we used to get movies from a man who rented tapes from the boot of his Vauxhall Cavalier.

    Out of all the scenes of death-defying stunts the one that makes me wince every time is this one from Project A (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcztgMsbHjI). Just watching him sit back down is enough to make me cringe.

    Honorary mention goes to the Street Fighter II scene in City Hunter (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvkvPmHRI7E). It’s five minutes long, ridiculous and yet somehow manages to be more faithful than the Van Damme movie.

  4. I’m still amazed it was a very simple stunt that nearly killed Jackie. It’s like if a boxer would just be throwing a jab and they somehow punch open a tube of nitroglycerin.

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