SNL Viewers Club: Jonah Hill with Future

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It’s Jonah Hill’s fourth time hosting! Will he make out with Jim Downey this time? Only one way to find out…

I wasn’t sure why Jonah was chosen as a host, so I looked up his filmography. Apparently he and the usual bunch have a movie called Sausage Party coming out…? Well, any excuse to get the Superbad-ass back into Studio 8H is fine by me. And on the music side, sporting his best Cruella de Vil cosplay, was Future. I’m not familiar with his music, but hey, the guy got the SNL invite, so he has to be at least marketable.

CNN Election Center Cold Open

OK, time for some pros and cons. It’s that time of year when political openers make perfect sense to do, but this one ran very long. Darrell Hammond’s Donald Trump is always great, though Bobby Moynihan’s Chris Christie (which I love) was underutilized here — though I can accept that given what they were skewering. Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton was also pretty great this time around. On the other hand, Taran Killam’s Ted Cruz is quite mediocre. And speaking of mediocre, Jason Sudeikis’ Mitt Romney made a return! I enjoyed the cameo, but not the impression. A very middle-of-the-road opener.


Jonah threw me a few times with this one. The first two lines were strong, but then Q&A started… I thought it would turn into something very by-the-numbers, but then Jonah and Kyle Mooney started arguing… Then we topped it off with Jonah taking over Drake’s part in a song with Future (though I can take or leave that part). It was all over the place, sure, but I was definitely entertained.

Voters for Trump Ad

I talk about SNL’s favoritism in these reviews, but let me be clear: Trump is definitely a monster. The worst I can say about this sketch is that the joke is a little too easy. A great satire otherwise.

Fond Du Lac News

This sketch was pretty one-note, but there were definitely some winning lines in there. Aidy Bryant’s accent was probably the best. A weird choice for a first sketch though.

The Champ

I’m torn here too. I don’t know if the payoff was quite worth all that build-up; a lot of punch lines were the proverbial “low-hanging fruit.” But everything with the Eric McCormack murder was beautifully underplayed and so funny. I guess that make this a fair outing.

School Auction

Now this is what I’m talking about. This sketch ramped up perfectly, had twists along the way, and was filled with a bunch of great lines. Aidy Bryant’s affable principle was spot-on too. Gotta love those Middle Eastern princes and their frivolous spending.

Weekend Update

Colin Jost and Michael Che’s jokes weren’t all gold this week, but the Trump penis size and Cruz vampire lines were fantastic. We haven’t seen Cecily Strong’s Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started a Conversation with at a Party in a while, so that was welcome, as was the quick cutaway to Future. Vanessa Bayer was completely on point with her correspondence piece too. But the highlight of it all was Jay Pharaoh’s impression parade of black comedians. The guy was hired for his impressions a few years back, and this is Exhibit A.

Murder Mystery

The post-Update sketches are usually out-of-left-field, and this one was no different. The mainline jokes may have been a bit elementary, but Jonah sold his part very well.

Inside SoCal Newer One

I feel the like the older Inside SoCal sketches were pretty polarizing, but I love most of Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney’s pre-taped stuff. And this one was a winner. I loved the line deliveries, Jonah’s invasion of privacy at the hospital, and the Indian food segment. Plus, we all know super-douches like this.

Silver Star Catering

Another great performance from Jonah on this one. A great, risque closer with plenty of lines the writer should be proud of.

Grade: B

When the episode was good, it was very good, but the writing wasn’t there for every single sketch. Props to Jonah Hill for totally selling his role in every sketch though. Next week brings us Ariana Grande on hosting and musical duty, which at the very least should reawaken the ol’ jail-bait gene.

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