This Batman ’89 Comic Was Turned Down By DC? Why?! For Being Too Awesome!?


DC didn’t buy this proposal for a Burton-verse comic, but they were crazy to say no…

As a nerd of a certain age, Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film was an early favorite, showing me just how iconic The Dark Knight could be. Even if the film hasn’t aged too well, and neither has Batman Returns, there’s still something magical about Burton’s take on Bruce Wayne and company, and I’m not the only one who thought so. Comic superstars Kate Leth and Joe Quinones proposed a brand new series that would continue the adventures of Michael Keaton’s Batman. Here’s some of the art from Quinones’ Tumblr


Kate Leth is currently writing one of my favorite Marvel books, Hellcat, while Quinones is the artist on my other favorite book, Howard the Duck. Having them together is a dream team, especially if they’re imaging what Robin, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn would’ve looked like in a Burton sequel.

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Not only that, but they’d fulfill a decades long promise of seeing Billy Dee Williams playing Two-Face!


As Quinones tells it, the proposal obviously turned out great, but DC Comics chose to pass on it, leaving us with some great fan art and dreams of what could’ve been. You can see more at Joe’s site, and maybe if we talk it up more, DC will come to their senses and buy this book!

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5 thoughts on “This Batman ’89 Comic Was Turned Down By DC? Why?! For Being Too Awesome!?

  1. This seems like a no brainer to me, but hey I just buy the comics. Huh not that many DC books of late in my reading though, weird.

  2. This is so weird that despite me despising Burton’s Batman movies, I would totally have checked it out. Plus that is some top notch talent behind it.

  3. That sounds awesome. Even though I like the idea of the ’69 Batman comic and have heard good things, I didn’t grow up with that Batman as much as this one. I wish it would have happened even if it would have just been a limited series.

  4. Wouldn’t they need to have the rights to the actor’s likeness’ to publish the book though?

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