What’s It Like To See A Comic Movie With A Fan? Pretty Much This


This new video from Dorkly really gets what it’s like for normal folks to see a Marvel movie with a mega-nerd…

As I’m sure you guessed from my hosting┬áLaser Time’s┬ácomic book podcast, Cape Crisis, I spend a majority of my time thinking about or watching super hero films. And if you attend a screening with me, expect to hear me either laugh smugly at some winking reference only I got, or groan annoyingly at how that character totally wouldn’t do that in the comics. But why imagine what that’d be like when this new Dorkly video explains it succinctly…

I’ve also absolutely been the one to explain a post-credits sequence at-length to uninformed friends, but they usually ask me to explain it (honest). Anyway, that perfectly captures what it’s like to see any comic film with a fan, and it’s a smart adaptation of a comic Dorkly did back in 2013


By the way, I hate to be a shill, but if you’d prefer a taste of what it’s like to hear me explain stuff, you should check out our recent Superhero Spotlight video series. Why, just imagine all you’ll learn about Deadpool and Supergirl!

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  1. I’m like a weird permutation of this because rather than my information coming from comics it’s come from listening to Cape Crisis.

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