Agents of SHIELD “Bouncing Back” Review

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season, review, episode, bouncing back

Agents of SHIELD is back in full swing with the mid-season premiere! Catch up, then read up to avoid any spoilers!

SHIELD literally hit the ground running this week, as we were very quickly introduced to a brand new Inhuman: Yo-Yo (though I’m not sure why they didn’t just call her Slingshot like her comic counterpart). Yo-Yo was awesome. Her powers were displayed brilliantly, giving off some real Quicksilver vibes. The jail scene where she hit against all of the walls at the same time was certainly one of my favorites.

As for Yo-Yo as a character, SHIELD gave us some really strong stuff. Having an Inhuman already in favor of fighting injustice was refreshing, and the context of her location gave her motivations even more weight. Her strongly rooted faith, coupled with the fact that she only speaks Spanish, will make for some interesting character dynamics going forward.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season, review, episode, bouncing back

Viva Yo-Yo!

With Yo-Yo on the same side as S.H.I.E.L.D., it feels as if our final Secret Warriors member has fallen into place. I mean, how awesome was the shot of Daisy and Yo-Yo working alongside each other in that hallway? In fact, the whole police ending gave a much better sense of this team in action than the mid-season finale did. It’s sad that the Secret Warriors are essentially spread out across the world, though. I understand that it’s for their safety, but I’m hoping we don’t really notice their distance and that they’ll all be together when we need them to be.

I’m also happy to have Joey become a mainstay. Seeing him work towards having an important role on the team is interesting, and the slow burn of his character growth is working well for the show.

Lincoln provided some awesome information on the Inhumans straight from the comics: they evolve based on what’s needed at the time. Having just read the classic Jenkins run on Inhumans myself, I found this to be a fantastic tidbit. This is seemingly being integrated as a major plot point, so I’m excited to see what it leads to.

Laser Time, Agents of Shield, Marvel, MCU, season, review, episode, bouncing back

Thanks, buddy!

When not dealing with Inhumans, the episode dealt with Coulson tracking down Gideon Malick. Using a brutal method on Werner (poor kid), Coulson got what little information he needed to take a strike at Gideon. While he did set back Gideon slightly, it was still a little disappointing. Nothing really happened; Gideon’s story will essentially continue down the same path, as if Coulson’s stunt never happened. The best part of this side of the episode was their phone conversation.

When Coulson wasn’t calling him up, Gideon was busy figuring out if he could lay his faith — faith seems to be a big theme in this season’s back half — into the entity residing in Ward’s dead body.  While I still believe Ward should have died for good, Brett Dalton made sure to separate his performance as this new bad guy. His calculated performance chillingly reminded you that this is not Ward.

This week’s episode was a strong return after the show left off on a disappointing note.  Introducing us to a fantastic new Inhuman, giving us an ominous future to look forward to — SHIELD is in a good place. Even Fitz and Simmons got a heart-melting moment when they declared a reset on their relationship. And having Talbot and his mustache back in the picture will be an interesting bump in the road for Coulson, now that SHIELD’s working relationship with the government has been established. I’m glad to have the team back, to say the least.

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