Luke Cage (And His Abs) Will Arrive On Netflix September 30


The Hero For Hire finally has a start date, but will his good pal Iron Fist be invited to the party?

Sweet Christmas, Marvel is really not giving us a break when it comes to hyping stuff. Yesterday we had the incredible reveal of Spider-Man in the Civil War trailer, and in a week we’ll get 13 brand new episodes of Daredevil featuring Punisher and Elektra. And at the second season party for DD, they revealed the release date for the next Netflix series (go to 2:17 in the video)…

Yes, there’s the beefy Mike Colter confirming we’ll see him taking the lead role in Marvel’s next Netflix season September 30. Honestly, I kinda wish it was on Labor Day so I’d have a three day weekend to really savor it, but what’re ya gonna do? So, after a summer full of super stuff, you’ll be ready for a cool down with the hunkiest member of the Avengers ever. I’m into that.

In case you hadn’t been keeping up with the news on the Luke Cage series, it’s being executive produced by Cheo Hodari Coker, who has experience writing gritty crime dramas like Southland and Ray Donovan. Rosario Dawson will continue her part as Netflix’s Agent Coulson by appearing in the show, and one has to think Cage’s best buddy Iron Fist will make an appearance. Even cooler, we’ll get the first ever live action appearance of Misty Knight. Played by relative newcomer Simone Missick, Knight is a badass detective and former cop with a cyborg arm, aka the coolest Marvel character to never go mainstream (until now).


Again, all 13 episodes will go live on Netflix September 20. meaning you have a lot of time to prepare by reading a bunch of Luke Cage’s best comics pictured below. Are you ready for more Marvel binge-watching? How many times do you hope Luke takes off his shirt? Tell us all about it in the comments!










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One thought on “Luke Cage (And His Abs) Will Arrive On Netflix September 30

  1. The Netflix Marvel series continue to be great. I look forward to what type of story Luke Cage will tell. Daredevil and Jessica Jones couldn’t be more different, and I hope Luke Cage is just as unique. It will be very interesting to see how the Defenders Assemble.

    Going through the Netflix series is like being back to the MCU in Phase 1, where we knew that a team-up was coming and we could look forward to first time interactions between heroes.

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