Quantum Break Is Out Next Month With A Cinematic Trailer. Where Did The Time Go?


It seemed like just yesterday that Quantum Break was just a generation away and more idea than game, and now we’re seeing one of the final trailers before the unique shooter’s April launch. Now THAT’s time distortion!

While we’ve had some great new releases thus far this year (you can catch many of them on Laser Time’s YouTube channel), a true-blue high-profile non-remake system-exclusive shooter has still yet to grace a console this year. This is set to change in just a few weeks when the mysterious Quantum Break comes to Xbox One and PC on April 5. To celebrate the imminent release, a cinematic trailer launched, which you can watch below.

While it’s a bit weird that the slow-mo cinematic cut with a morose pop cover is a still being used to sell games nearly a decade after Gears of War’s release, the concept of Quantum Break (which mixes time distortion with running and gunning), should be fun to check out in action. Plus, QB is a game that can be forgiven for leaning more heavily on cinematic, since the show-shooter hybrid will incorporate choices into its between-level videos. Most importantly, we’ve yet to see Remedy Entertainment stumble yet, as the Max Payne and Alan Wake games released over the last decade and a half have been some of the most entertaining third-person shooting experiences to date.

Are you looking forward to Quantum Break? Let us know if you are (or aren’t) in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Quantum Break Is Out Next Month With A Cinematic Trailer. Where Did The Time Go?

  1. I honestly thought this game was already out, but I don’t have a console, it just looks more of the same to me honestly.
    I find it weird they bothered banking on Icemans appeal to mocap him, is he popular? I dont think so.
    Overall, unappealing to me.

  2. Looking forward to this…I had a lot of fun with Alan Wake and Alan Wake American Nightmare. Remedy worked on Alan Wake for a long time and it worked out fine. Hopefully, this is the same.

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