Newest X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Is Grim And Action-Packed


Will all of the X-Men survive the 1980s in the close of this flashback trilogy? It’s not looking too hopeful…

Deadpool ruled the early year box office, Batman V. Superman is about to arrive, and we got the amazing, spectacular reveal of Spider-Man in the Civil War trailer. In case you needed any more reminder that 2016 is the year of comic book movie overload, here’s a new trailer to remind you that Apocalypse is coming for Marvel’s merry mutants, and it looks like a dark, astonishing time in this new video…

This looks to be the close of the retro X-Men trilogy that took us from First Class’ ’60s optimism, Days of Future Past’s embattled ’70s, to a neon ’80s that might just be destroyed by the time all is said and done. Now that previous film reset the timeline, all bets are off. Mystique can rejoin the X-Men, Magneto can be one of the Four Horsemen, Storm can look amazing, and Quicksilver can even join the team.

Speaking of the fast son of Magnus, he’s also taking advantage of his fame to appear in an overseas-only Kia commercial. Check it out…

That’s more in keeping with the super speed of the character, but now this is making me nostalgic for when Peitro was an unknown and eating Carl’s Jr.

With all the other comic films coming your way, do you have any hype left over for the X-Men? Or arre you sick of all the spandex and have been dying to see the return of the misunderstood mutants? Tell us all about it in the comments!










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8 thoughts on “Newest X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Is Grim And Action-Packed

  1. I really enjoyed Days of Future Past and First Class, so I have pretty high expectations for this movies. It is my second most anticipated superhero movie behind Civil War, but ahead of BvS.

  2. I don’t like being Mr. Negative, but I really am not looking forward to this. I loved First Class and was heavily disappointed by Days of Future Past, and I feel like this will just be more of the same. Singer’s X-Men just no longer appeals to me in the modern world of the MCU and what we’ve seen of the DCEU (as in, represented at least visually faithfully) and this does not look like the X-Men I know and love.

    1. I’m in the same camp. Not feeling the look of Katniss Everdeen & the X-Men. Considering she is one of THE premiere villains the team has to face on a constant basis, it’s hilariously insulting to see this character lead the group into battle.

      Also, it’s 2016. What the hell Bryan Singer. BLACK SPANDEX? Are we still trapped in the mindset of 2000? For fucks sake, we just had a Deadpool movie where a bit part X-men character was wearing the iconic yellow jumpsuit and it looked fucking awesome! First Class also proved they can pull it off yet Singer stubbornly refuses to pull off the look and resort to cheap black spandex. How the hell can you get Psylocke near perfect but fuck up EVERYONE else??

      And what the hell is up with the color palette? Red cameras are shit and have shitty looking dynamic range yet he insists on using this piece of crap cam instead of film or even Alexa/Blackmagic digital which are FAR superior as cameras.

      I’m not even going to comment on Ivan ooze in this movie.

      Fuck you Singer, please no more shitty X-men films from you.

  3. I hate how Hollywood, mainstream appeal and movie star billing have ruined this movie franchise from day 1. Such a wasted franchise if they had just forgone non comic fans and Hollywood and just made a crazy ass movie series with proper treatment of the character we could’ve had a stew goin! But hey why not bring back Magneto(I love Fassbender it’s great that Magneto isn’t being payed by an old theater actor in a sweater but enough already) and The not at all evil and rarely blue woman claiming to be “Mystique”for another star run in what’s supposed to be an X-Men movie after all catering to the niche lifelong fans never makes for great and successful comic movies…oh wait!

  4. The first class movies became a surprise hit for me, I just have so much fun watching them and I’m fine with accepting some of their flaws, still though for a super hero movie made by fox? they seem to take some care with the x-men franchise besides nerfing wolverine to make him more kid friendly which is another reason why im excited hearing about old man logan being rated r.

  5. Looking even better than the last trailer, especially with the better effects and an extra air of menace on Apocalypse. While being a DC fan Batman V Superman is the comic book movie I’m most looking forward to, X-Men Apocalypse is second. Loved Days of Future Past (and indeed all the X-films barring Origins and Last Stand) and have high hopes for this.

  6. Honestly underwhelmed, i think after that epic Civil war trailer it just doesn’t hold up.
    Psylocke looks awesome mind, i’m sure she will have a 20 second fight scene and somebody lame, like Beast or Sansa-Jean will kill her because Bryan Singer.
    Please kill Mystique in the 1st 30 mins of the film, JLAW hardly looks like shes awake, let alone acting in her scenes.

  7. Well, Quicksilver was wearing a Rush shirt, my favorite band ever, so I’m pretty much obligated to see this now. It’s like they Professor X’d my brain when wondering “What’ll appeal to this Sotenga loser and how can we keep him interested in comic films?” Well, they’re doing a better job than Warner Bros right now, so I’m likely to see this unless reviews turn out to be vastly mixed.

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