Vidjagame Apocalypse 155 – Boob-Centric Console Games


This week, we delve into those strange and short-lived days when it was considered bold and avant-garde to market cheesy games around the promise of nudity and stick them on consoles. We then return to modernity with a look at Salt and Sanctuary, EA Sports UFC 2 and Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, then delve into some of the new announcements from the week of GDC before looking at the oldest save files you someday plan to return to.

Question of the Week

Now that the prices and details of all three major VR headsets have been revealed, which one are you most interested in?






Theme song by Matthew Joseph Payne. Break song is Chemical by Start Trouble. Haunting and beautiful New Releases Theme by David B. Cooper.

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29 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 155 – Boob-Centric Console Games

  1. I generally like Henry; that said, it was a mistake having him on this episode.

    He is the resident lecturing prude of the Lasertime stable of hosts, and when he wasn’t derailing chats with “let’s move on” in discomfort, he was ladling on Big Important Lessons about how pimps are bad, or whatever mini-crusade he felt needed to be said at the time.

    It’s a podcast about gratuitous breasts in games. Everyone knew what they were getting into, and the general spirit required to take part. Pick your battles, Hank.

    1. Agree. I’ve been a fan of henergy sunce early GR days, but come on, man. You can be a social justice warrior and still laugh at dumb shit.

  2. QOTW: I don’t have a good PC and I have no real interest in getting one so Vive and Oculus are not for me. I do have a PS4 and a raging PlayStation fanboy boner so PSVR is for me. I’m going back and forth between getting it day 1. I like the games they’ve shown like the Until Dawn dark ride, 100 foot robot golf, and RIGS. If all of those games are day 1 with the other promised features the getting it day 1 doesn’t seem to far fetched, but I’m waiting until E3 for that last minute information.

  3. I love Hank, but Chris dropping “Who are you speaking for?” is really true. Being on a podcast and talking about terrible videogames that feature boobs doesn’t insinuate your approval of said topics. I think the audience by now knows who Hank is and what he stands for, there’s no need to “think of the children” on every issue 🙂

  4. This episode’s Top 5 reminds me of all the flak you guys faced in the GR days about only writing “Game Babe” articles to get hits. Ah, that seems like such a nicely stupid accusation in the face of recent shit people have been saying about the industry.

    1. What’s funny is that we really did write those just to get hits. Because they’d get SO MANY HITS. That kept our bosses happy and bought us breathing room to do more creative stuff that we were actually interested in, but that wouldn’t traffic quite so well.

      1. Through my crap wording I meant to bring up how people believed those were the only types of articles you guys wrote. Although, writing articles for hits in general would have still pissed those people off despite it being a job.

  5. The only thing worse than listening to the raccoon is listening to Hank’s wringing hands make during the Top 5.

  6. Don’t be so down on Hank, y’all. I wanted to have him on partly to keep the tone balanced. It doesn’t always make for a good discussion if everyone’s coming at it from the same perspective. (And honestly, I kind of expected to be the one getting yelled at.)

    1. He can keep it balanced sure, but the constant stick in the mud attitude he has drags it all down. And the constant strawman arguments that he puts out as facts are horrible to listen to.
      Not that i think shit like the guy game are worth anything but deluding yourself into thinking that only rapists enjoy it cause they can see tits of girls that were “tricked” is ludicrous. And saying these girls who flashed their tits to a camera willingly were raped seems to me like it would make real rape victims pissed off.
      His viewpoints are so hypocritical its hard to listen to.

      1. Looks like Hank’s been hanging out too much with the ultra prudes over at Retronauts, am I right?

        But seriously, I went into this episode expecting way worse from reading the comments. Yes, Hank says move along three times but all three times it came at the point of where tangencies would start to get cut off in any other episode and in fact, the first move it along goes against Hank, ironically when he is cut off while trying to make some point that he isn’t meaning to be overly prudish or shame people for masturbating to whatever they want, a point he is never able to get back to and finish.

        Also, it was Chris who referred to the Guy Game’s basis as being unlockable rape and Hank only brings up rape later in the context of the era in which a lot of porn was being made under the FICTIONAL concept that it was featuring women who were being tricked and coerced into sex. That is to say, an era where rape fantasy over taking the medium because willingness wasn’t enough for people anymore. This is an honest observation of the era and was relevant to subject of the Guy Game and the GGW series that was being talked about and not glowingly by anyone in the episode.

        Finally, Hank doesn’t find pimps funny and said so in about 2 sentences, including a “just my opinion”. Again, it came in a valid observation of comedy from the time period, whether you agree with his assessment or not.

    2. Derailing fun to moralize in the name of balance aint gucci. And who want’s balance? You don’t set up a Jenga tower and pull pieces out to watch it not fall over. I’m getting lost in my metaphor, my point is that lopsided chaos is better.

  7. At last, a Top 5 topic I can get my teeth into!

    QOTW: Don’t have a PS4 but PS VR would be the choice simply based on price. Previously I would’ve said Oculus or Vive any day, but even ignoring the cost to improve my PC (since I’d do that anyway) their silly prices are just too extreme for a bit of fun.

    I’ll wait for the future to come down in price, thanks.

  8. While you brought it up in new releases, I’m curious to know what you think of Pokken after playing it, Brett in particular since he also has mentioned his experience with Tekken. It’s a very strange fighting system.

  9. We need a top five wrestling reference in Pokken. I swear the crowd is chanting “Holy Shit” during Pika Libre 3:16’s ultra thingy. we have the Stone Cold stunner, straight up not a springboard stunner, it’s the Stone Cold Stunner. A missile drop kick, a standing (electrified) dropkick, a ring spanning inseguri, a moonsault, a hurricanrana, a senton, chest chops (low blow imo to bigger opponents), a diving head butt. Pika 3:16 is the biggest little bad ass in Pokken. We have a “woo that was awesome” (so close Namco), “hard style”, and “Win, Train, repeat” reference in there as well, and that’s just what I’ve seen in 2 days. plus my avatar looks like Macho man, except he has a chefs hat on.

  10. Does Lindsey Lohan have a super power to make people pity her?

    Oh boo ho her parents were awful, but shes an adult who makes horrible decisions, cant follow rules and somehow keeps getting opportunities.

  11. I have to say I was rather disappointed with the discussion in this episode. I think it’s a bit hypocritical to so quickly and thoroughly lambast groups who enjoy something you personally don’t simply because it’s an easy target. You all lived through the era when liking video games at all was considered weird and you know how many ridiculous arguments were used against the concept of enjoying video games. Yet, here you are making the same arguments.

    Why bother discussing topics like this if you guys can’t take an even handed approach to it?

    1. Which arguments in particular from this episode are ridiculous and synonymous with the ridiculous arguments used 20 years ago against the entirety of the whole medium’s audience?

  12. QOTW: When they create a VR headset that is compatible with my lazy eye, then I will be interested! First company that makes a visor with lenses that can be repositioned on a track gets my money.

    BTW, props to the Larry theme as bed music and a shoutout to Stretch Panic on PS2, level one of which features the largest breasts in any game I’ve ever seen. It’s cartoony and clothed because it’s satirical, but the NPCs are basically balloons with feet.

  13. Read the comments before listening to the episode…oops! I was expecting Hank to shut everything down, lecture the group, and storm off the show, but nope he was a delight as always. I get that there has to be a pc sj backlash of some sort, but I don’t understand why people get so worried that someone is going to ruin their precious comedy! Aren’t they the ones ruining comedy by taking it too seriously? Just a thought. Personally I would much rather listen to a cautiously sensitive voice than the tired “edgy” presentation offered by some networks.

    1. If I hadn’t read the comments first, I don’t even think Hank would have stood out to me this episode. The way some people perceive things , huh?

  14. Man Hank must HATE 70’s Blaxploitation films lol

    QOTW: I have a pretty good gaming rig and I can play pretty much everything on High-Ultra at 1080p currently. However it’s still horribly inadequate for Oculus Rift. I would need to build an entire new rig for probably $1500-$2000. Most of that will be graphics card hardware. Plus the $600 for an Oculus Rift. Especially with my limit time for gaming lately it’s just not something I’m going to spend money on. I also fully expect it to get cheaper and better in the next year or two. So I plan on waiting for a year or two at least and wait for the cost to come down and for some VR games that I actually want to play come out.

    Not to mention, at the current price point I’m skeptical it will catch on and I expect it to be the new 3D and to die out after a few years and loose support. I also wear glasses so I’m curious how comfortable those headsets are for people who wear glasses. 3D was cool but still gimmicky for the most part. Also since I had to wear 3D glasses over my actual glasses it just wasn’t something I was going to do for a long session of gaming so if those headsets aren’t super comfortable I’d probably not want to wear them for more than an hour or two. Where as I can sit in front of a monitor all day playing something and super comfortable.

    1. I checked the forums for the QOTW Thread but there is a ton of spam in the Forums currently, is there anything you guys can do about that?

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