Check out a FREE Episode of Bonus Time!


Hey non-Patrons! Want to know what you’re missing? We’ve uploaded one of our favorite recent episodes of the Patreon-exclusive show Bonus Time to YouTube. Check it out!

If you’re a supporter of the Laser Time Patreon, you know one of our weekly staples is to deliver an extra hour of ranting, raving, and (weekend) recapping on our flagship crowd-funded show Bonus Time. While we love the appreciation and feedback we get from our Patrons every episode, there are some shows we’d like to share with the public. So every so often, we’d like to set free an older Bonus Time to the public at large.

The first one we’re releasing is a recent episode where Chris and Brett unleash epic complaints about cable companies, while Dave divulges his lowest moment during a recent trip to Reno. Give it a listen below!

Like what you hear? You can get this show, our weekly movie commentaries, and regular wrestling match and comic book show commentaries by donating to Laser Time on Patreon!

One thought on “Check out a FREE Episode of Bonus Time!

  1. damn i miss Bonus Time. When I get a new job or just have some sort of regular income again, I’m SO going to do the patreon again. this series was the best! I love the off topic anything goes commentary. I’ve missed so much these last few months.

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