Archer, The World’s Greatest Spy, Reviews Every James Bond Movie


What happens when the drunk parody reviews the drunk original? Greatness when H. Jon Benjamin is involved…

H. Jon Benjamin has been the king of smug improvised comedy for over 20 years at this point, and whether he’s playing Bob Belcher, Ben Katz, or Wet Hot American Summer’s talking soup can, he’s one of the funniest voices in comedy. Archer, the alcoholic, womanizing, expert spy who may also be on the spectrum and is plagued by tinnitus might be his greatest role of all time, and it’s one that began as a parody of Cold War spies like James Bond. So what happens when Sterling Archer see every Bond film? He drunkenly and haphazardly reviews them…

You can read all the reviews of the films here, and they’re all a real treat because whoever wrote it seemingly did watch them all and find very specifically Archer thoughts on them. Saying Sean Connery’s little arms connote an inability to have shower sex? Wonderful.

This fun video is all part of the lead up to season 7 of Archer on FX, which premieres March 31 and relocates the office sitcom/covert action drama to LA. Also as part of the lead up, the creators made this pretty wild recreation of the Magnum P.I. opening…

If you somehow haven’t ever seen Archer, or just want a fun way to waste 7 minutes, watch this…

God damn, calling Karate the “Dane Cook of martial arts” is so damn good. Anyway, yeah, season 7 starts next week. And if there are any Bond fans out there with thoughts on Archer’s assessments, I’d love to read them in the comments!










2 thoughts on “Archer, The World’s Greatest Spy, Reviews Every James Bond Movie

  1. Loved it, shame they didn’t have Archer act out all of them. Especially this line from the GoldenEye review:

    “Bond steals a tank and plows through St. Petersburg. Then again, who hasn’t?”

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