Daredevil’s 50 Year History Explained In Newest Video


Matt Murdock existed long before Netflix and Ben Affleck, as our extra long Daredevil Superhero Spotlight attests…

Are you done watching every episode of Daredevil in a weekend, and dying to know what Matt Murdock has been up to for five decades of Marvel Comics? Leave it to Laser Time’s comic book podcast, Cape Crisis, to make sense of it all. Our newest Superhero Spotlight video explains it with visual representations of everything we talk about!

And this is hardly the first one we’ve done! How long has Superman been fighting Batman? Find out in this video!

And you can also learn all about Daredevil’s Netflix nemesis, Punisher, in another video…


If you’re enjoying our newest video series, be sure to let me (and the world) know all about it in the comments! Also, if you’re looking for continued reading on the subject of Bats fighting SUpes…








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