Every WrestleMania Ranked!

20- WrestleMania 28


WrestleMania 28 started off on a bad note, as technical wrestling mastermind Daniel Bryan lost his championship in an 18-second joke of a match. From that moment forward, there are few highlights to bring the show back up. After a lacking undercard, the only saving graces are an Undertaker-Triple H Hell in a Cell match that’s far improved over the previous year’s bout and CM Punk’s emotionally driven match against Chris Jericho. The John Cena-Rock match has a somewhat surprising ending, but it’s far from either star’s best ‘Mania match.
BEST MOMENT: Shawn Michaels superkicks The Undertaker into a Triple H pedigree that Taker somehow kicked out of.

19- WrestleMania 7


Sgt. Slaughter is the least imposing challenger that Hulk Hogan ever vanquished at WrestleMania, but the main-event championship match is slightly elevated by the nuclear rage the world had for the turncoat Iraqi sympathizer Slaughter. The Randy Savage-Ultimate Warrior match is an all-time classic, the blindfold match is a guilty pleasure, and The Undertaker’s first WrestleMania match is a milestone. The rest of the card is a bit lean, but those matches go a long way in boosting this ‘Mania.
BEST MOMENT: Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth tearfully reunite after two years apart.

18- WrestleMania 26


After the all-time greatest Mania match ever the previous year, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels coudn’t quite capture the same magic for HBK’s retirement bout. However, it’s still a damn great main event that ranks amongst the top 10 matches in WrestleMania history. Unfortunately, there’s very little else that makes 26 worthwhile as the Money in the Bank match has a flat ending while the Bret Hart-Vince McMahon match takes what should be the most emotional confrontation ever and turns it in to a confusing slog.
BEST MOMENT: Undertaker almost killing HBK with a jumping Tombstone Piledriver

17- WrestleMania 13


Continuing a common theme for these middling ‘Manias, the unlucky number WrestleMania has an all-time classic that makes up for an otherwise blase show. For 13, the greatness was in the form of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin against Bret “The Hitman” Hart; a match home to a rare “double turn” that turned Austin from needling bully to perseverant warrior and Hart from a proud fighter to an evil jerk. Unfortunately, Undertaker’s first main event is boring and muddled with interference and everything else on the card is forgettable.
BEST MOMENT: Austin shouting in pain with blood streaming down his face while trapped in the sharpshooter.

16- WrestleMania 25


Yes, the all-time greatest WrestleMania match is on a card that lands on the lower half of this list. Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker is the closest fans ever came to believing ‘Taker’s streak was in jeopardy (until it actually happened). The rest of the card simply can’t hold a candle, as decent bouts like the Money in the Bank ladder match and Chris Jericho’s fight against a trio of legends aren’t nearly as memorable and the two title matches that followed HBK-Taker can’t engage with the crowd after the all-time masterpiece.
BEST MOMENT: When Michaels kicks out of his first Tombstone, the look on Taker’s face in unforgettable.

15- WrestleMania 23


A pretty good Money in the Bank ladder match is a decent-enough opener, but WrestleMania 23 can’t hit the high notes that truly great ‘Manias reach. The Undertaker’s match against Batista is very underrated, but the rest of the card is a bit disappointing. The Donald Trump and Vince McMahon’s fight by proxy is predictable since we all knew Trump wasn’t cutting his hair, while John Cena and Shawn Michaels’ serviceable show-closer was overshadowed by their impromptu hour-long match a few weeks later.
BEST MOMENT: The Fast and Furious-inspired entrance for John Cena.

14- WrestleMania 15


It’s a testament to both performers that the worst match in the Rock-Austin WrestleMania trilogy is still a damn good bout. While that fight would be overshadowed by the next two at Mania, there’s not much else on the decade-and-a-half celebration of WrestleMania. Shane McMahon showed his first glimpses of daredevil antics when he took on X-Pac, and the two-match turn for Triple H that began with a reunion with Chyna and ended with the duo betraying DX and joining The Corporation made some of the lesser matches a tad more memorable.
BEST MOMENT: Brawl for All Champion Bart Gunn gets brained by Butterbean.

13- WrestleMania 18


Long after his time as the centerpiece of WWE and WCW, Hulk Hogan had his best-ever WrestleMania match against The Rock in a show-stealing bout at WrestleMania 18. While it is a bit slow and far from a technical masterpiece, the hot-as-fire crowd and the electric personalities of both combatants made Rock-Hogan unforgettable. Besides that, the only other major standout is Ric Flair’s bout against the Undertaker. As would happen with most Triple H main events, the crowd couldn’t be arsed to care about a title match after an emotion-driven epic earlier in the night.
BEST MOMENT: Arn Anderson hits a brutal spinebuster on The Undertaker.

12- WrestleMania 8


Yes, this is the only WrestleMania to end with a disqualification, and that’s only one issue with the Hulk Hogan-Sid Justice main event. WrestleMania 8 is highly elevated with two of the biggest classics of the show’s first decade. Bret Hart and Roddy Piper’s Intercontinental Championship match is filled with great technical wrestling and an enthralling story as Piper must curtail his cheating ways when fighting a childhood friend. Similarly, Randy Savage and Ric Flair already have the talent to pull off a great match, but Flair’s taunting of Miss Elizabeth and Savage’s ensuing rage make the bout all the better.
BEST MOMENT: Piper wrestles with his emotions as he contemplates hitting Bret Hart with the ring bell.

11- WrestleMania 14


This is the WrestleMania that kicked off the Attitude Era, and it shows. There are all-time classic moments like Stone Cold’s first World Championship win, the first ever match between Undertaker and Kane, and a brutal dumpster match featuring the two greatest hardcore wrestlers ever, but the first half of the show from the messy battle royal to the unsatisfying Rock match is pretty forgettable.
BEST MOMENT: Shawn Michaels gets knocked out by Mike Tyson.

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9 thoughts on “Every WrestleMania Ranked!

  1. I always like Dave’s ranking lists.
    Will watch my first Wrestlemania this weekend after listening to Cheap Popcast from the beginning.

      1. I was also at 25, which I ranked on the bottom half of the list! Nothing at that show was even close to Taker-HBK’s awesomeness.

        However, I will argue that I was also at the best SummerSlam ever… the 2002 edition from Nassau Coliseum! Brock-Rock, HBK’s return, and tons more awesome stuff!

  2. I wouldn’t put 31 above 30 or 17 personally but I can see the argument. 17 is still my top one, but this is a great list Dave.

    I would be surprised if this years makes it into the top half of next year’s rankings unless something amazing happens in the hell in the cell match.

  3. WrestleMania X-Seven is still my favorite. Rock/Austin 2. Angle/Benoit. McMahon/McMahon. And my favorite Taker Mania match against HHH.

  4. Loved this list! With the vince/dunn era of wwe in its sunset I can’t wait to see what the wrestlemania card is in 3-5 years.

  5. I still maintain X-7 and that any show is better when you’re there with like-minded friends. Don’t get me wrong, I liked 31 but from where I was sitting, it wasn’t the best of all time. But it is your list and a great one at that!

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