Grover gets a gal, the Statue of Liberty’s a looker and there’s gold in the Klondike – Apr 1


What a fine first of April we have here in 1916! A perfect time to reflect back on the events of thirty, twenty and ten years ago, which happen to include President Cleveland’s White House marriage and the Klondike gold rush – but let’s not forget the patenting of Coca-Cola, the invention of the toggle light switch and soothing sounds of the first Victrola!

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14 thoughts on “Grover gets a gal, the Statue of Liberty’s a looker and there’s gold in the Klondike – Apr 1

  1. What’s this? A woman on an audio record? What poppy cock! Not in a hundred odd years would I bet five bees for a quarter that any dame would be telling me what happened back in the old days. Next thing you’re telling me they’re owning companies and running for president! (Also, the ending made me collapse with laughter and confuse the hell out of my supervisor. Cudos you beautiful people!)

  2. My word, smashing news reel to inform and delight the audience. Bully job to you all, good sirs. And very modern of you to allow a woman to offer an opinion as well!

  3. This was way more educational and informative than any right it had to be. Take that first of April!

  4. Brett’s old-timey radio voice is actually super impressive, with the slick delivery of all those lines…was the audio sped up at all? Either way sounds great

  5. What is the track you used at the end, Brett? I don’t usually like Dubstep, but that song was awesome.

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