Vidjagame Apocalypse 157 – Single-Creator Games


Making a game is often a huge undertaking. Making a successful game all by yourself is a staggering feat, and it’s one that the five creators behind the games in this week’s Top 5 managed to pull off spectacularly. The it’s on to a look at the Oculus Rift and its key launch titles, Let’s Play controversies, butt controversies and a look at your favorite Game Boy Advance memories.

Question of the Week

What’s your favorite game-related April Fool’s prank of all time?






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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
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Kingdom Hearts III
Star Fox Zero
Overwatch – Origins Edition
Dark Souls III

19 thoughts on “Vidjagame Apocalypse 157 – Single-Creator Games

  1. Question of the Week

    What’s your favorite game-related April Fool’s prank of all time?

    My favorite gaming related April Fool’s prank is back from 2014 when IGN made a video of Optimus Prime fighting in Titan Fall. I was so excited, becuase I thought it was real. I waited patiently for my dream of fighting with Optimus Prime by my side, but my heart was broken two weeks later when I found out it was a joke.

  2. I think this Tracer thing is, more or less, not so much about the ass shot per se and more about people being tired of being told that they are “bad” for liking something. It just seems like to me this this issue in particular is what sent a lot of people over the edge. Both sides of the debate are, as always, kneejerk reactionaries. Is it censorship? No. Should it have been removed because one man/woman complained about it? That’s always artist’s choice, but I lean towards the side of no it shouldn’t have. In all reality the situation means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things of the game or videogames as an art form. That said, right now the whole sexism in videogames debate has turned into the violence debate from the mid(ish)-2000s to the late 2000s (complete with puritanical pearl clutching). And with that in mind the rhetoric has once again been amped up to 11 like it was back in high school. Only this time it’s not my mom who thinks I’m secretly planning a killing spree with those “satanic shooter games”, it’s my friend who thinks that I consider women to be inferior because I’m fine with Zero Suit Samus. But whatever I guess, I’ll just go back to being happy playing Samorost 3. . .

    Seriously though, Samorost 3 is amazing, go play it.

    1. The argument about Tracer is literally “Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?” If you’re wanting me to be sympathetic to your cause, invoking Helen Lovejoy is not the best place to start. And since this game is rated T, it fails on another level as well. If you’re not comfortable with your kid seeing things that belong in a T rated game, maybe don’t let them play a T rated game.

      1. They explained the situation pretty well in the podcast. One mother made a post on the official forums, saying that she and her daughter felt like the victory pose didn’t fit that particular character – while admitting that it DID fit other female characters in the game. One of the developers said that they had been on the fence about it as well, and that the comment nudged them over to the side of “remove it from Tracer”.

        This has nothing to do with a parent asking for all provocative material to be removed from a game.

        1. After looking at what they replaced it with, I’m now of the opinion that this was an elaborate publicity stunt. The booty in question is still on full display, so…congratulations, moral guardians? I dunno.

  3. Literally none of them. April Fool’s Day is the dumbest “holiday” on the calendar and should go the way of Casimir Pulaski Day.

  4. Michael, can you please put the titles of the Top 5 games on the post for the show? I want to try some of the indie games you mentioned, and I don’t want to forget the titles.

    1. Aaand I just realized I spelled your name wrong and apparently can’t edit my original post. Sorry, Mikel.

      1. 5. I Made a Game with Zombies in it
        4. Stardew Valley
        3. Papers Please
        2. Cave Story
        1. Tetris

  5. Really surprised to find out Henry isnt’ a big player of Harvest Moon games, I guess I would have figured it’d be right up his alley!

  6. QOTW: My favorite April Fool’s gaming prank was in 2000, when the Gaming Intelligence Agency (R.I.P.) went all-out and created fake articles, news pieces, deliberately awful fanart, and even an in-depth retrospective of Minesweeper, complete with a FAQ, screenshots, and character designs.

  7. The anamanaguchi game wasn’t an april fools joke. the only thing that was a hoax about it is the backstory they made up. the game was made by ben esposito of arcade kids, makers of the bubsy 3d and sonic dreams collection. it’s not much of a game, but it’s worth playing through. there is a new album they released with it as well, you can download all of the songs on it for free.

    anyway, for the question of the week, i actually really enjoyed the talkradar april fools episode. i got really confused at first, but once i remembered the date i thought it was pretty funny

  8. I will never understand how one person can make an entire game, or even most of a game. I’m still struggling to make sprites with convincing idle animations.

  9. A the end of the podcast, Mikel mentioned another podcast with a retrospective of ten year.s of GamesRadar; could someone help me find this? A link?

  10. QOTW

    I think it was EGM that mentioned you could unlock Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Brothers Melee if you killed 20 of these stock dummy guys in Cruel Melee mode. My brother and I tried beating it numerous times, but always died around the 18th guy. Later on our buddy Jason came over and gave us the news that it was a April fools prank. I dont think I ever played Melee after that.

    PS: I believe the game series TOUHOU is made all by one person.

  11. QOTW: its a prank i did this year actually. i had a friend who always ask for free stuff, since i work at gamestop, and last weekend was the closed beta for doom multiplayer. i was already in since i was in the alpha, a couple of days earlier i got a email from sony with a beta code for doom. i sent it to my cousin and it didn’t work. So on april fools my friend asked me to not only get him a code, but 2 for his friends. i was like really? so i screen shot the invalid code and he was very grateful. so 7 hours later he sends me a text saying “it didn’t work.” muahahaha apirl fools!

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