Kingdom Hearts – Part 2 – Destiny Islands


The road to Traverse Town is paved with blood, bone and beak…

THIS ISLAND IS YOUR DESTINY! Join us on a pointless collect-a-thon adventure set on a weird little island of orphaned Final Fantasy children, as Square Enix continues to tease our Disney-lovin’ pricks. Don’t leave ’til you see Pluto.

Have you ever wanted to visit/revisit an ancient and beloved game but you didn’t wanna do it alone?! Well, we can’t help you. But you can join Chris and Elston as they journey through the HD Remix of Kingdom Hearts in Laser Time’s first ever long play series every Sunday. Will our intrepid heroes make it all the way through the entire game? We hope not, but let’s see how this stupid little adventure through Square/Disney fandom goes, huh?!

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6 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts – Part 2 – Destiny Islands

  1. Awesome! You guys should consider making this an hour each. I’m bummed I only get to see this 30 minutes a week. Are you guys ever going to do these live as well? Loving these!

  2. A lot people in the youtube comments were saying this too, but yo guys are making some of this harder than it needs to be. Maybe writing about so many games for so many years lead to overthinking/missing really simple things like when something looks like a door you should try walking through it.

    Also I’m pretty sure the island you’re on in the beginning is not where they live. It’s just like their hang out. After all it’s called the “Destiny Islands” not “island” so they live with their families on another island. That’s why when Sora gets there during the storm he points out “Riku and Kairi’s boats” meaning that they came there from their homes on another island that night as well. I do enjoy the focused talk without chat and I’m sure it’s easier to film when you have time and edit episodes out later, but I often feel the urge to backseat game when you’re going the wrong way. Haven’t played since I first beat it years ago, but I still remember where to go for most of the game.

  3. Loving this feature, keeeeep it up as long as you can. I will watch all the way to the end, I want to see how you guys explain the plot to me since I haven’t played it since 2004 or so.

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