Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Super Heroes Part III


Learn more about Dr Strange, Silver Surfer and some kind of “spider” man in this latest vid about the 1990 Marvel trading card set!

As we’ve said on the show (and on the site), this card set was a big part of our childhood obsession with Marvel characters. I recall seeing that Spider Man card in friends’ collections but it took what felt like years (more likely weeks) to finally get one myself, so to this day that art stirs something within me.

Glad many of you are enjoying the video series as well! We have one more heroes video to go and then it’s time for VILLAINS.

One thought on “Marvel Trading Card Analysis – Super Heroes Part III

  1. why the hell isn’t there a series about the Enigma force and how it affects different people in the marvel universe? that sounds like an amazing series every few issues it’s off to a new story arc dealing with a new person, dealing with these powers. you can literally write ANYTHING and it would always be entertaining. all they would have to do is have some level of like a personality trait or some consciousness that caries over no matter who the enigma force was attached to so that the readers always had something familiar within the over all series. is it conscious? man, i’m gonna go read about it on their wiki then maybe pitch a mini series to marvel mwa hahahahaaaa.

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