Talking Simpsons – When Flanders Failed


Flanders decides to start a business while Homer feels schadenfreude, and Bart doesn’t learn karate in this strangely animated holdover from season 2…





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9 thoughts on “Talking Simpsons – When Flanders Failed

  1. Sorta related but on a few episodes you mention reading an okay oral history of the Simpsons book, is that the “The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History” book? I read it a while ago and enjoyed it but wanted to know your takes, it really does ripapart Matt Groening’s actual contributions.

    I would love another special episode where you talk about the books or comics you read about the Simpsons.

  2. to answer Bob’s question, yes, there are still repo men, but in my experience they only still repo cars. mine was repo’d while I was at college because i couldn’t afford to pay for it, school aaaand my rent all at the same time. but yeah they still exist and they’re not all sleazy or sneaky. the one I met was actually pretty friendly, but they do charge you $50 to get all the stuff they cleaned out of your car that they’ve put in a big black garbage bag.

  3. Left-handed person here. The biggest problem growing up was having my writing smudged a little, but now everything is typed anyway. I never had access to left-handed supplies, so I basically only write with my left hand and learned to use everything else with my right hand. It was interesting to visit the left-handed store on Pier 39, but I can’t actually use any of those items.

    Also: my wife is left-handed and we were surprised to discover that our firstborn is right-handed, but two lefties only have a 26% chance to pass it on to their kids. I thought it would have been a lot higher.

  4. My original comment didn’t seem to go through, so here we go again:

    I’m left-handed and I don’t really deal with any problems anymore, mostly because I adapted to right-handed tools/etc. while growing up, and I barely write things anymore.

    My line of the show is when Homer is sulking on the couch during the barbecue: “Go ahead, Marge. Have a ball. What if they came back, and I was dead from not eating? They’d cry their eyes out. ‘We should have never gone to the Flanders’. Why did we go to the Flanders’, and leave Homer alone, with no food?’ And I’d be laughing. Laughing from my grave. Heh heh.”

    It’s all in the delivery.

    1. I am also a fellow left hander. I can honestly say most of the left handed stuff is crap and like aett, we just adapt to using right handed items. All left handers do. I write, swing a bat, shoot a basketball, kick, etc. with my left. However, I use video game controllers and a keyboard and mouse like a right handed person. A friend and fellow lefty prefers to use the mouse with his left hand, but he keeps the buttons the same as a righty. I play right handed guitars and basses, even though they make left handed versions. This was a decision I made early on when learning so that I had more choices and I could just pick up most people’s instruments and just play.

      As a kid I had a Camerica Supersonic, an ambidextrous joystick for the NES. I tried using it the “left handed way” but it comes out really awkward. I was much more comfortable using it “normal.” Left handed scissors in grade school were terrible and never worked as well as when I used right handed scissors. I probably wouldn’t buy anything from a left handed store.

      My favorite moment of the show was the karate commercial. I always laugh when the dance choreographer yells because it sounds like a weird goose honk, not because they were trying to make him sound effeminate.

  5. I mean technically it’s not Homer’s fault (unless magic wishes really work in this reality), but he’s still a huge asshole for the majority of this episode.

  6. Great episode.
    Ah Karate I too took a class or two in that as a small child, I went maybe three times, the family pet died a few days before the last time I went, to make me feel better the instructor put with me with the older kids to Spa… a third lesson and I have been stuck with kids double my age, I ended up just taking a kick to the stomach from a Brown Belt knocking the wind clean out of me. To make it worse the guy that did it was second in command of the class, I never went back.

  7. Bob brought up the “They kill Census Takers” thing, but that was actually a hoax/staged death. In that the government census-taker wanted his family to collect his life insurance which would only pay out in a non-suicidal death, so he staged his own suicide to make it look like a homicide and even went so far as to make it seem like he was killed by anti-government people in the area. He was found hanged with the word FED written on his shirt but FED was written upside down which is one of the factors which lead police to find that it was suicide (as the word would have been written from his own perspective). The only reason people thought it was some sort of right-wing thing was because Rachel Maddow reported it as such claiming it was due to the rise of right-wing extremism due to Obama’s election, despite the fact the area was also a haven for illegal marijuana growing which might have also been a cause of his murder.

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