Agents of SHIELD “Spacetime” Review

Agents of Shield, Spacetime, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Can SHIELD change the future? Watch the episode, then read on. You won’t be able to rewind these spoilers.

This week’s SHIELD provided us with a unique story that included some of the darkest and most violent things we’ve seen on the show, and yet it still managed to include some great lighthearted moments. While it comes as no surprise that the future Daisy stays the same, it was still engrossing as we watched the team try to change it.

The best part of trying the change the future? The fight rehearsal. It certainly made me laugh a few times. Everyone in that scene did a really good job — yes, even Doug — at making it seem so natural, and in doing so providing us with some pretty funny moments. And when it came down to the actual fight scene with Daisy, the long take was superb.

One side note: I really liked when Lincoln was taken out with a fire extinguisher. It was a nice reminder that our Inhumans aren’t invulnerable.

Agents of Shield, Spacetime, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time

Way to take one for the team, dude.

Unfortunately, May couldn’t participate in that security office fight due to Andrew randomly showing up. The timing of his arrival was very off, and a little jarring. I’ve never been fully connected with their relationship, and that continued this week. I don’t think their big final moment resonated the way that the writers wanted it to, and it didn’t help that the whole plot line seemed out of place in this episode.

Another huge advancement was the fact that the team now knows that Grant Ward/Hive is out there. While I was happy at how fast they realized it wasn’t actually Ward, they seemed oddly casual about it, even making jokes right off the bat. You’d think they’d react with a little more caution.

Speaking of Hive, this was a big week for his story: our new big bad finally got out of his solitary kill room. Putting aside the fact that the show should have killed off Grant Ward for real, Brett Dalton is portraying our new baddie fantastically. You can tell that Hive sees everyone around him as nothing more than an ant to be squashed. Hive melting the entire boardroom was brutal, and I’m impressed that ABC allows something like that to be shown — not to mention Gideon crushing that dude’s skull on camera.

Agents of Shield, Spacetime, Secret Warriors, Marvel, MCU, episode, show, season 3, review, Laser Time


Speaking of Gideon, I was a big fan of his developments this week. For one, I wasn’t expecting to have him wear a super suit; I hope he uses it more down the line. Second, I think it was an awesome move to have him see a terrifying future, presumably involving his death. He seems to be seriously shaken, and I wonder where how loyalties may change. Could we see an uneasy alliance between him and Coulson? Or maybe this will cause Gideon to speed up the development of his Inhuman army.

There was a lot to love in this episode. From the dark aspects to the lighthearted fun, this installment provided a well balanced journey. I was waiting for Daisy to see the future teased to us in the mid-season return, and the show did not disappoint. And I just can’t finish the review without mentioning the heartwarming Fitz-Simmons moment in the ash.

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  1. Thanks for writing these reviews since I watch off the ABC website and don’t have cable I’m generally a week behind but I enjoy these articles after watching the episode and while I might not comment on everyone just wanted to let you know that your doing quality work.

    1. Thanks!

      That means a lot. I’m glad you are enjoying the reviews. Hope you continue enjoying the season!

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