Don’t Watch This New Clip From Captain America: Civil War!


With just weeks to go until the release, can you POSSIBLY resist this minute long video from the movie?

I know, after so, so , so many trailers and buzz for Civil War like last November’s or the trailer revealing Spider-Man, you’re worried that you don’t want to spoil any more of the next Captain America film, yet you can’t stop yourself from watching more preview footage. Put your willpower to the ultimate test by ignoring this full scene that appears to be from the film’s opening…

Were you able to look away from this small unit of Avengers acting as a team, even seeing Scarlet Witch and Falcon kick ass together?


If so, we commend your ability to stay clean, even as Cap shows off more of his ability to throw a shield wherever he damn well pleases…


Civil War is out May 6 in the US, and earlier in countries that we’re insanely jealous of (seriously, why does the US get a CAPTAIN AMERICA FILM LATE). Anyway, if you’re looking for more insight and details instead of staying pure, check out our lengthy breakdown of the last big trailer…

(Also, have you listened to our Civil War Primer podcast? And if you’re looking to learn about Civil War, why not buy some of the comics in the links below?)










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