New Suicide Squad Trailer Brings The Batman And More Laughs


Screw Batman fighting Superman over their mom’s names! THIS looks like the best DC film of the year…

Yes, yes, yes, we here at Laser Time gaveĀ Batman V Superman a pretty harsh podcast review, but who fucking cares about that? Instead of being depressed by Zack Snyder’s cynical where iconic heroes take a darker turn, we’re more excited to see DC baddies who are supposed to be killing people on the big screen. Straight out of the MTV Movie Awards, it’s a brand new Suicide Squad trailer! More Joker, more Harley, more Deadshot, and even some Dark Knight! Take a look…

See people, instead of arguing about how shitty Superman is treated by Zack Snyder, or trying to say people have a Marvel bias, why not just watch the Suicide Squad wreak unambiguous havoc?


This team of DC’s most fun/psychotic villains seems like it’s definitely a lot more fun than the funereal Dawn of Justice, not to mention I’d ratherĀ see bad guys try to be good than vice versa. Plus, this film ALSO has Batman


Hell, even Jared Leto’s Damaged Joker is growing on me some, and I thought he looked like shit. And soon the mainstream will be into Margot Robbie’s badass version of Harley Quinn…


Though OF COURSE the trailer had to take a moment to leer on Harley’s curves. Oh well, I suppose her sexuality is part of her character…


The movie will be out August 5. Until then, if you’re looking to catch up on Suicide Squad’s previous stuff, here’s some of their greatest hits…










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12 thoughts on “New Suicide Squad Trailer Brings The Batman And More Laughs

  1. Loved it, even better than the last trailer (and that’s one of my fave trailers of all time!).

    And yeah, shame about the Harley stripping bit, but at least it was done for laughs – and most importantly, it is definitely part of her character in the comics. It’s not even done sexually, she just has no modesty at all.

  2. As for the Joker, I definitely say time and time again that it’s the performance that will sell this Joker. Leto seems to be nailing it.

  3. I liked the trailer except for the part at the very beginning with the guy who’s talking about “what if Superman rips off the roof of the White House and grabs the President? Who would stop him?” As if throwing together a team of villains comprised mostly of normal (crazy) humans that were caught by normal humans are going to be any kind of threat to Superman. It just seems to be a dumb line that doesn’t accurately represent why they were brought together and was instead put in to reference that other DC movie that just came out. You know, THAT one.

  4. This has me the most interested I’ve been in this movie. Everyone but Jared Leto looks great. Still not liking his Joker, but who knows, I’ll go in with zero expectations and will hopefully be pleasantly surprised.

    1. I’m not sure what you’re not liking unless it’s literally “the look”. Other than tattoos he seems to me like he’s just stepped off the comic page.

  5. The two most anticipated film of 2016 for me were both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad (quick aside: I’m going to lose everyone respect but I enjoyed BvS, and I’m know that I’m in the minority and I’m not going to defend it, but it is what it is). Like Mad Max: Fury Road, every Suicide Squad trailer knocks it out of the park, and it just keeps raising my excitement. Also, I enjoyed David Ayer’s End of Watch and Fury a lot. For me, I’m happy to see that the DC Film Universe is now something that is a reality and I’m looking forward to watching Suicide Squad this year, Wonder Woman and Justice League next year.

  6. You know what? I’m really started to get tired of these trailers that are essentially music videos. It reminds me of how the Titan AE trailers beat you over the head with Creed songs in a desperate attempt to seem cool. The movie looks like it could be good, but I hate both of the trailers they’ve cut so far.

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